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Riccardo Ricco

I have just finished the procyling mazagine interview with Ricco and I have to say his arrogance is near groundbreaking.

Get over the denial, face your issues and stop making excuses.

Cobra? widen his nickname out and call him the snake. You can be sure this bloke will win races and end up forgiven by some fans for his indiscretion. For me he was never credible and if he attacks at the Giro the other riders should just let him go and laugh at him.

Cycling is the best sport in th world. When will the likes of Landis, Rasmussen, Basso and Ricco realise they are not wanted?

As Mark Cavendish says in his book, the greed and need to fuel their ego of these riders costs hard working team personnel their jobs. And yet the Ricco's get another contract elsewhere.

Mind boggling.

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