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Cleaning my bike makes it all feel better.

I would describe this weekends cycling as 'memorable'. I took the rain early in my ride on Saturday and on the bleak top road above Moonshine Gap the stiff wind dried me out... I was ok. As the saying goes...

"There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad preparation and the wrong clothes"

Sunday was a different matter altogether. The great thing about the huge panoramic, uninterupted Fenland skies is that you can see cloud and showers of rain and ride around them.

I honestly thought I was going to beat the showers, but a brief stop at some traffic lights meant that the heavens opened on me during the last mile of cycling back through the village.

I was banging on the back door to get back in looking like someone had turned a hose pipe on me... very annoying.

What this did mean that was my bike looked like it was one of those sugar cones dipped in chocolate... it was very, very muddy.

But with Monday off work it gave me an opportunity to get a huge bucket of brushes and sponges out and get to work on cleaning the lovely orange Orbea.

There is something great about taking a bike that is filthy and making shiny. Even the Missus was impressed remarking on how clean and lovely my bike looked. And for once I even enjoyed it. Usually bike cleaning is crammed in between the 2425657 jobs that need doing on a weekend after cycling. But I took my time and enjoyed a hot brew whilst standing back and admiring my handy work.

Little things eh?

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James Warrener | 14 years ago

 39 hmmm not so much!

jezzzer | 14 years ago

mine's a bit grubby too ... wanna clean it?

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