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2009... where you at?

As you may have gathered from my blog and training updates on Mapmyride and Twitter I am a bit of a nerd when it comes to collating my training data and recording miles.

To be honest I don't really use this insight as much as I should in terms of comparing back to see when I have ridden well and how my training went in the run up to that period.

I should be better... But it takes a lot of time after training to put the miles on to the two databases (Mapmyride and the British Cycling website), the analysis will have to come later.

What I do know is that when pedalling 18 freezing cold miles on January 1 2009 with a chum from Fenland Clarion, I proclaimed that my target for the year would be 3000 miles. A bit down on 2008 but with a wedding to plan and a new job that would be an achievement.

As it happened I was in the 2,800's by the end of the middle of October (if that makes sense) so I took a couple of weeks off to do the decorating and spend a bit of time away from cycling.

When I came back I had a stonking cold and the terrible gales in this part of the world mean that this weekend (as long as I do 8 miles across the 2 days) will see me hit my target with time to spare.

It is a bit early to talk about 2010 as the wedding and honeymoon are on the agenda so I wont make a bold prediction now. One thing is for sure, I hope I get as much enjoyment out of the sport then as I do now.


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