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SunGod launches cycling-specific Pace series eyewear

New direct-to-consumer Vulcan and Velan glasses are customisable and available in both full frame and half frame versions

British direct-to-consumer eyewear brand SunGod has launched its new cycle-specific Pace Series, comprising two models, Vulcan and Velan – each available in full frame and half frame versions – that you can customise at no extra cost.

SunGod Vulcans FF (4)

Both models use what SunGod calls 8KO lenses that are made from a nylon-based material coated with a triple-layer scratch-resistant finish. SunGod says that these are better than the 4KO polycarbonate lenses used elsewhere. Hydrophobic and oleophobic treatments repel moisture, fingerprints and sweat, the idea being to give you a clearer view of the road ahead, particularly in poor conditions. 

SunGod Vulcans TF (5)

SunGod says, "Vulcans (above) use a larger cylindrical lens, offering an outstanding 180° field of vision to increase spatial awareness on the roads and trails, whilst SunGod Velans (below) use a refined toric lens to offer optical precision helping riders to spot every detail on the road ahead."

SunGod Velans FF (2)

You can convert between full frame and half frame models using a conversion kit (a full frame to half frame conversion kit is £20; a half frame to full frame conversion kit is £45) that provides an additional bottom section to the frame in order to switch looks and functionality between rides. You can select from a range of bottom frame colours.

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SunGod offers a new photochromic lens (with a tint that alters according to light conditions). The 8KO Iris lens is available in ‘light smoke to dark smoke’ or ‘clear through to smoke with a contrast enhancing blue mirror’ variants.

SunGod Velans TF (3)

All of SunGod’s glasses are customisable at no additional cost. You can choose your lens, frame, icon and ear socks from eight options, and your lens from 10 options. You also get a lifetime guarantee.


SunGod Velans Half Frame £115 
SunGod Velans Full Frame £140
SunGod Vulcans Half Frame £125
SunGod Vulcans Full Frame £150
Photochromic 8KO Iris Lens £40
Get more info over at the SunGod website

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Richard_pics | 4 years ago

Waaaay overpriced imho.

Dnnnnnn | 4 years ago

Anyone else think that current style of large, one-piece lens shades looks ridiculous?

Smiley miles replied to Dnnnnnn | 4 years ago

i agree, i'm not a fan of these huge lenses but i have a pair of older pacebreakers and they are very good. However i enquired about how long they would carry spare lenses for the old model.. they replied until they run out but considering 50% were out of stock, i went to order some...then they've now taken all the stock off the website today i am a bit miffed.. Otherwise i love them or at least did...i think the sizing is misleading on these new ones.. the velans are smaller


sammutd88 replied to Smiley miles | 4 years ago
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I'm disappointed too, just bought a set of Pacebreakers and they are great, managed to get a low light lens but that'll be it I guess. Forced into spending substantially more for a set of goggles....

The new pricing puts these in the Oakley and Rudy Project, Bolle, etc realms. Silly move. The draw card was the competitive pricing model. 

Compact Corned Beef | 4 years ago

Are these definitely pictures of different glasses?*

*Almost certainly so, but it does feel like a spot-the-difference picture.

RobD replied to Compact Corned Beef | 4 years ago
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It looks like they're all computer graphics as well rather than photos of actual items, even the one in the top picture looks like it's been photoshopped in.

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