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Scott issues product recall on 2022 Speedster road and gravel bikes due to faulty forks

The recall affects about 2000 Speedster road and gravel bikes in the brand's 2022 collection

Scott has issued a recall of about 2000 Speedster gravel and road bike models from its 2022 collection due to quality issues discovered in the forks. 

The brand says it discovered in-house that the steerer tube of the affected models can break, imposing a danger for the rider. The recall is voluntary and Scott says that there have been no accidents or injuries reported. 

The voluntary recall concerns Speedster 40, Speedster 50, Speedster Gravel 40 EQ, Speedster Gravel 50 and Contessa Speedster Gravel 35 EQ. These bikes have been sold during 2022 in Europe, Asia and South America and the recall does not concern models sold in the US and Australian markets. 

Scott advises any consumer with one of the Speedster bikes in question to stop riding it immediately, and to take it to an authorised Scott dealer where a new fork can be installed at no cost. 

Further information on the recall can be found on Scott's website below. 

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kil0ran | 1 year ago

The sooner we ditch carbon steerers the better. Leave them to the pros. Nothing but a pain (and a safety risk) for the rest of us.

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