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Five cool things coming soon from Fulcrum, Shokz, Scicon, Oxford Aqua and UDOG

Find out about the latest and coolest gear we have on test right now, with full reports on the way…

It's coming up to the end of March and we've already had a chance to get the legs out, it's been so lovely! But before we start filling up the site with plenty of spring clothing reviews, here's the pick of other cool bits from the pile this week...

Scicon Aeroshade Kunken Monogram Sport Performance Sunglasses


Scicon went bold with the look of its new sunnies with the repetition of its logo right across the lens - it’s certainly unmissable to onlookers, but from the inside you won’t see it at all. We’ve seen similar repeated patterns on glasses from the likes of Gucci, Fendi, and Louis Vuitton, and now you have the chance to rock this style on cycling eyewear.

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Aside from this, Scicon says that its SCN-PP lenses are durable and will protect against high-speed impacts from small stones and the like. The Kunken also features the brand’s customisable Flexfit nose pad, that’s designed to allow riders to adjust the fit based on individual face size and fit preference. George Hill has been testing and his verdict is coming soon… 

Shokz OpenRun Pro


Shokz, formerly known as Aftershokz, recently upgraded its flagship open-ear sport bone conduction headphones with enhanced bass, an enlarged button for easier control while riding, 10 hours of battery life and a five-minute quick charge feature to guarantee you’ll have music to motivate you through rides no matter how forgetful you are. 

Now featuring 9th generation bone conduction technology with two added bass enhancers for "unrivalled sound quality", has Shokz really stepped things up in the bone conduction category? Steve Williams has been finding out and his full report is coming soon… 

UDOG Tensione Pure Black


UDOG is the newest cycling footwear brand about and it’s doing some very interesting things. The Tensione shoes incorporate a patented dynamic system that, according to UDOG, hugs the metatarsal area of your feet from the instep to the bridge for an optimum fit. For complete support during the entire pedal stroke, the hybrid lace-up closure system provides 18 points of contact between the foot and the shoe upper.  

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This upper is made of technical 3D nylon mesh that is said to be light, soft and breathable, and TPU. Proprietary laces that are flatter than usual are used to create a better knot and avoid loosening. Then, down below, composite carbon-nylon outsole features a ventilation channel along with integrated rubber heel and toe caps. Do these really provide superior support and comfort? Stuart Kerton has been finding out and his full report is landing on the site shortly... 

Fulcrum Racing 4 DB Wheels


Thanks to the 34mm medium profile, Fulcrum reckons its entry-level aluminium wheels, the Racing 4 DBs, achieve the perfect balance between aerodynamics, precision and versatility, and are designed to ensure reliable performance in different conditions. 

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The new aluminium rim profile has been CNC machined and lightened, while the inner rim width has been increased from 17mm up to 19mm, with Fulcrum saying it can easily take 25mm tyres. The wheels also feature Fulcrum’s 2 Way Fit Ready technology which allows for both clinchers and tubeless tyres. Stuart Kerton has been testing and his full report is on the way soon…. 

Oxford Aqua Evo 22L Backpack 


Designed to keep your gear safe and dry, this 22 litre capacity backpack with a roll top closure is made from tough PVC tarpaulin which has been welded to form waterproof seams for a IPX6 waterproof rating.

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Other useful-sounding features include the reflective loops at the base to attach rear lights, the carry handle, the quick-access front external pocket with carabiner and a removable padded laptop. Does this cover commuting needs? Steve Williams has been finding out and his verdict is coming soon… 

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£450 for an entry-level wheel set now is it? :'(

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