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Strava app stops supporting Bluetooth and ANT+ device pairing, and people aren't happy

You can no longer pair Bluetooth sensors with the Strava smartphone app

The Strava smartphone app will stop supporting Bluetooth and ANT+ device pairing from 28th October, as announced on an email sent out to its many users this week.

The reason Strava has dropped support of third-party devices like heart rate monitors, speed/cadence sensors and heart rate monitors is apparently due to Bluetooth pairing with some sensors directly to the app caused it to crash for millions of users.

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It does not effect you if you use a Garmin or Wahoo computer to record your ride and then upload to Strava. It’s all about people pairing devices to the Strava smartphone app using Bluetooth.

What does that mean if you want to sync Bluetooth sensors to your smartphone? Incredibly, rather than fix the problem, Strava recommends using another activity recording app and then uploading to Strava. That does not make it easier for users and clearly risks alienating loyal Strava customers.

Strava is still arguably the biggest online activity tracking website for cyclists, but this news has not been well received, with many complaining on social media.

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And don't worry if you're miffed at Strava's decision, there are plenty of other good fitness tracking apps you can choose from. Here's a load for starters.

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