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Silca’s new Compact Viaggia travel pump with Bluetooth

Beautifully made and …it's got Bluetooth!

Do you travel a lot with your bike? If you do, you may well be interested in this lovely new compact travel pump from Silca which instead of a conventional pressure gauge instead uses Bluetooth and a smartphone app.

The 57cm tall pump has a detachable full-sized handle and folding feet and is constructed from extruded 6061 aluminium barrel with a full-metal shock piston, an Italian leather gasket and brass check valve, so you know it’s built to last and be smooth and lovely to use.

The aluminium handle is based on the company’s regular size SuperPista Ultimate pump handle which makes it, according to the company’s claim, the “most stable handle on a travel-specific pump”. The handle is concealed inside the barrel when not in use.

A 99cm hose uses the company’s HIRO side-lever locking chuck compatible with Presta and Schrader valves.


Then there’s Bluetooth, with a sensor in the base of the pump transmitting tyre pressure information to Silca’s iGauge smartphone app. It’s claimed to be accurate to within +/-0.5 PSI. A 2032 coin cell battery powers the sensor and provides a claimed 100 hours of use.

This level of construction and attention to detail doesn’t come cheap, with a list price of $275. More at

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