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Fitting Continental GP5000 TUBELESS tyres - Video

Watch to see our first installation of Conti's brand new GP5000 tubeless tyres

After riding them at the worldwide launch in Tenerife and coming away impressed, I've finally got my hands on a pair of the new Continental GP 5000 tubeless tyres to review and in the above video I run through the key details and attempt to fit them for the first time. Watch to see what happens.

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It shouldn't be understated how big a deal it is that Continental, after much reluctance, has finally launched its first road tubeless tyre. We're still some way from a universal standard that would eliminate all tubeless installation woes, but Conti reckons it has developed a tyre that goes some way to minimising such issues. 

It's also claimed to be 5% lower rolling resistance and 5% better puncture resistance than the regular clincher GP 5000 tyre, due to the lack of the inner tube and the use of liquid sealant. I've been impressed with the clincher tyres that I've been riding for the past month - you can read my first ride review here. 

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