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Oakley Flight Jacket and Field Jacket sunglasses launched

New glasses aimed at preventing lenses fogging up

If you watched Paris-Roubaix at the weekend, you might have spotted a lot of Oakley banners and if you were really paying close attention, you might have seen its brand new sunglasses being used. The US company launched two new models - Flight Jacket and Field Jacket - at the weekend and we’ve got all the details here.

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What sets the new glasses apart is an attempt to combat the dreaded foggy glasses, which usually happens when you’re climbing as your heat increases. Previously manufacturers have attempted to prevent this happening by drilling holes in the lenses, but Oakley reckons it has developed an even better solution.

Called the Advancer, it’s a moveable piece above the nose bridge that is designed to increase the airflow at the top of the lenses, and therefore prevent your vision getting all foggy. You flip a lever and the nose piece moves away from the frame which also lifts the glasses away from your face. It sounds like it does the same thing as simply pulling your shades down your nose a bit when you begin a long climb.


The Flight Jacket and Field Jacket both feature this new technology. The Flight Jacket has a shield-style lens with a frameless top section to maximise field of view, we can imagine it being ideal when you’ve got your head down as the top of the frame won’t obscure your vision. The Field Jacket has a dual lens design with a more conventional full frame design and is compatible with prescription lenses.

Both glasses are priced at £185 and come with the same Prizm lenses uses across the rest of its range, and are available now. Check out for more details and we’ll hopefully get some in for a review soon.

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