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Quoc Gran Tourer All-Terrain Gravel Bike Shoes launch on Kickstarter

UK-based high-end shoe brand Quoc has launched a gravel shoe on Kickstarter

Quoc is a UK-based company best known for making very high-quality leather lace-up cycling shoes for the most discerning cyclists, but its latest product, the Gran Tourer All-Terrain, is aimed at the growing adventure and gravel bike market. The new shoes have just been launched via Kickstarter, with £50,000 of funding sought to put the new shoes into production. At the time of writing the campaign is at £18,742 with 44 days to go. 

"Combining plush comfort with well-thought-out design details like a no-sew upper, gusseted tongue and a water blocking, MTB-compatible carbon composite sole, the Quoc Gran Tour All-Terrain Gravel Bike Shoe is our response to the challenges of off-road riding," explains the company.

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quoc Gran Tourer All-Terrain4.jpg

The new shoe is billed as a gravel-first cycling shoe. What does that mean exactly? Well, there’s the specially formulate rubber outsole that is designed to provide long-term durability and off-bike grip, with a chunky design as you’d find on a mountain bike shoe for digging into the mud, along with 2-bolt cleat drilling which provides the benefits of a recessed cleat and dual-sided SPD-style pedal.

The sole is constructed from a carbon composite material that the company says strikes a balance between riding stiffness and off-bike comfort, leading us to presume that it’s not as out-and-out stiff as most race-focused shoes so you can walk comfortably when making cafe or lunch stops.

The upper is reminiscent of other shoes in the company’s range, with a familiar lace-up closure system. Lace-up shoes definitely have more fans these days, with a handful of brands, notable Giro, helping to popularise laces over buckles and Boa dials. I’m sold on laces, having used Giro’s Empire lace-up shoes for the 200km Dirty Reiver last year.

quoc Gran Tourer All-Terrain3.jpg

Quoc has worked to ensure the shoes stand up to being ridden in the rain. There’s a gusseted tongue, a one-piece upper and a fully waterproof sole to ensure your feet stay dry, well as possible as it to keep feet dry when riding in the rain. The upper is still peppered with perforations for venting in high temperatures, should you find yourself riding through California or Morocco. Claimed weight for a size 43 shoe will be 380g and spare laces and a cotton bag will be supplied.

So is there a market for a gravel-specific shoe? Getting away from the hype such a term inevitably encourages, I don’t personally see these purely as a shoe for gravel cyclists, but appealing to the large segment of readers that prefer this style of shoe  - for easier walking and more comfort - for everything from commuting, touring, Audax and, of course, adventure and all-terrain cycling. Plus, they look just lovely, which will sell a boatload alone.

quoc Gran Tourer All-Terrain1.jpg

There’s no reason why they Kickstarter campaign won’t succeed and if it does we'll hopefully be able to get a pair in for review. If you're quick, you can currently purchase a pair of Early Bird shoes for £143, which includes a free pair of socks. Delivery is slated for July 2018 with worldwide delivery. 

Check out the website for more detail, and head over to the Kickstarter page if you want to pledge your support. 

David worked on the tech team from 2012-2020. Previously he was editor of and before that staff writer at RCUK. He's a seasoned cyclist of all disciplines, from road to mountain biking, touring to cyclo-cross, he only wishes he had time to ride them all. He's mildly competitive, though he'll never admit it, and is a frequent road racer but is too lazy to do really well. He currently resides in the Cotswolds, and you can now find him over on his own YouTube channel David Arthur - Just Ride Bikes

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sq225917 | 6 years ago

So a 5.10 Kestrel with MTB sole and crap laces, nice.

mattsccm | 6 years ago

Offers much that so called gravel shgows do not need. Laces.may be fine on roads where some sort of benefit may be gained but all theywill do is get cverd with gravel and mud. As bbad as velcro.

Ventilated uppers. What cobblers. So you feet get wet but can't drain as the soles are waterproof.

Its Brtain FFS! Its wet. The last thing we need is ventilation in any cycling shoes.

Possibly one of the most ill concieved products possible for Uk use.

May be OK in California.

rxpell | 6 years ago

Struggle to see the point of these.  What exactly is an "MTB compatible carbon sole" ? cycling shoes are compatible with pedals ... there are lots of great  touring and MTB shoes already that offer everything you could want for cycling on a "gravel bike"  ... and once you go through a few bogs they all look the same anyway.

SteveAustin | 6 years ago

them laces will get tired real quick when dipped in all the sludge theyll get on the all the @gravel@ tracks so common in the UK.

Im sure theyll look lovely in the catalogue paired with some knee high socks, cord shorts and a tweed waistcoat but they look terrible.

alexb | 6 years ago

Or buy the DHB Dorica shoes currently avsailable now from Wiggle for £50?


ChetManley | 6 years ago

So it's a MTB shoe basically.

Here's all the gravel gear you'll need:

Road jersey and bibs
MTB shoes and baggies (optional)

Stop trying to make gravel clothing happen.

dodgy | 6 years ago

What do these offer that a common or garden pair of MTB shoes don't?

ChetManley replied to dodgy | 6 years ago
dodgy wrote:

What do these offer that a common or garden pair of MTB shoes don't?

Literally nothing, this is a piss take.

mrml | 6 years ago

Delivery to the UK only £18?!



don simon fbpe | 6 years ago

What's wrong with doing their own market research then dipping their hands into their own pockets to support the calculated risk?

More consumeristic bollox and wastage!

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