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Berlin Bike Show: 8 of the most eyecatching bikes

A selection of showstoppers from the weekend

We spent the weekend at the Berliner Fahrradschau, one of the most interesting bike shows in the world. We'll be showing you a whole load of different bikes and bits over the next few days, starting off with these diverse designs…


Coco-Mat Athina

Berlin 2017 Coco Mat - 2.jpg

Greece’s Coco-Mat makes wooden bikes for men, women and children. This is the women’s model and it’s not just the frame that’s wooden but also the mudguards, handlebar, front rack and saddle. 

I gave the gent’s version a quick spin around the test track – not long enough to make a proper assessment but it certainly wasn’t the boneshaker that I expected. It actually felt pretty smooth, believe it or not. 

Berlin 2017 Coco Mat childrens - 1.jpg

It uses a coaster brake and you’re looking at a price of €1,500.


Festka Doppler Nespresso

Berlin 2017 Festka  - 1.jpg

You know about Nespresso, right?  You whack a little aluminium pod into the front of the machine and a cup of coffee magically appears at the bottom. 

Well, Nespresso takes some stick for the waste involved in all of those single-serving pods, so it got Feska to demonstrate that the aluminium is recyclable by asking the Czech Republic brand to turn it into tubes for a bike frame.

Berlin 2017 Festka  - 2.jpg

How many Nespresso pods did it take to make this frame? 995. Honestly, we asked.


Brik Brut Women

Berlin 2017 BrikBikes - 1.jpg

This idea behind this city bike is that there’s no chain to get rusty. Instead, it uses a shaft drive that is said to be maintenance free. 

Berlin 2017 BrikBikes - 2.jpg

The range is designed and built in the Netherlands and covers various different frame styles including both men’s and women’s models.

Berlin 2017 BrikBikes - 3.jpg

We stuck a short video of the system in action on Instagram.


Ahooga folding bike

Berlin 2017 Ahooga - 1.jpg

The Ahooga folding bike is a clever design with the rear wheel pivoting forward to slot down the centre of the dual down tube. 

Berlin 2017 Ahooga - 4.jpg

It’s available in both electric (13kg) and non-electric (10kg) versions and is about to get distribution in the UK.

Check out our Instagram video to see how quickly it folds.


Vulpine’s August Mr & Mrs bikes

Berlin 2017 Vulpine - 1.jpg

These two bikes have been handbuilt by August Bicycles for Vulpine founder Nick Hussey and his wife Emmalou to celebrate the clothing brand’s fifth birthday.

Berlin 2017 Vulpine - 4.jpg

The chainstay bridge is designed to give the appearance of red polka dots to the rider behind.

Berlin 2017 Vulpine - 9.jpg

Ever seen those Campag thumb shifters before? They’re actually time trial/triathlon bar end shifters.

Berlin 2017 Vulpine - 13.jpg


Creme Caferacer

Berlin Creme Cafe Racer - 2.jpg

The Caferacer is built around a lugged frame with Tange Prestige tubes and a cromoly butted Tange fork. It’s available in various different three, seven and eight-speed versions.

Berlin Creme Cafe Racer - 3.jpg

This Man Ltd Heritage version comes with a Shimano Nexus 8-speed hub, a Brooks Cambium C17 saddle and a stainles steel bottle.


Biomega Oko 

Berlin Oko - 1.jpg

The Biomega Oko is a carbon pedelec bike with an integrated 36V battery and a 250W front wheel. Unusually, the mudguards are moulded along with the frame/fork rather than added afterwards.

Berlin Oko - 2.jpg

It is belt driven to minimise maintenance.


Ruff Cycles Ruffian

Ruff Cycles Ruffian - 1.jpg

This is another e-bike, handmade in Germany and powered by the Bosch Performance Line CX system. 

The Ruffian isn’t light, hitting the scales at 29.5kg, but we get the feeling that looks are a far higher priority than weight here.


VanMoof SmartBike

Berlin 2017 Vanmoof - 1.jpg

We told you about VanMoof’s SmartBike last year so go to our original story for all the details. 

Berlin 2017 Vanmoof 2 - 1.jpg

The SmartBike is equipped with GSM and Bluetooth tracking and VanMoof says that if your bike is stolen it will send out bike hunters who will find and return it, even if that means travelling internationally. VanMoof says that its four bike hunters have already successfully reunited several bikes with their owners.



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Captain Vimes | 7 years ago

Loving both the Biomega and Ruff for very different reasons! Does this show have an 'alternative' or progressive theme? Looking forward to more.


ktache | 7 years ago
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nice lugs on the caferacer

Denzil Dexter | 7 years ago

Any plans to get the Ahooga in for review when it becomes available over here?

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