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Sentier Adventure Gear launches Bike Trolley on Kickstarter

Bike trolley can be fitted to any bike and doubles up as suitcase

Italian company Sentier Adventure Gear has just launched the Bike Trolley on Kickstarter, a single wheeled trailer that can be attached to any bicycle but thanks to the removable wheel and fixing attachment, can be used as a roller bag when travelling by aeroplane or car. 

The product is the work of company founder Andrea Signoretto, a bike traveller and designer. He wanted to develop a luggage solution that allowed him to transport everything he needed for a trip in one bag and be suitable for use with a road bike, or even mountain bike and gravel. 

bike trolley 4.jpg

“During my own adventures over the years I have gone through packing complexity, limited luggage handling, uncomfortable and unsafe travelling as well as riding with low performance” points out Andrea. “I wish I had an easier, reliable, plug&ride solution to live a new dimension of cycling exploration,” says Signoretto.

“I believe that many people into active lifestyle are looking for gears that enhance essential comfort in all aspects of the outdoor living. For that I have developed a luggage which is a trolley bag turning into a trailer : The Bike Trolley! This means for users to achieve faster and further experiences, with less complication.”

bike trolley 2.jpg

The Bike Trolley has a 70-litre cargo capacity and a maximum 40kg weight limit. It can be fitted to any bike, road or mountain, providing they have a quick release rear axle. The bicycle attachment arms and the 16in wheel can easily be removed for use as a regular pack for travelling, with an integrated handle and two small wheels in the base. No tools are required to assemble the trailer and attach it to the bicycle. 

An early bird offer will get you a Bike Trolley for £385 + shipping costs. The campaign is aiming for €15,000 funding. 

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