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Assos Dyora RS Spring Fall Jacket



Near-perfect mid-season training jacket offering warmth, breathability, quality and style – at a price
Sleek design
Warm but breathable
Excellent quality
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The Assos Dyora RS Spring Fall Women's Jacket is great for fast riding in chilly temperatures, and despite the hefty price tag it's a garment I think every British cyclist would enjoy having.

Assos itself says this garment is 'blurring the lines between thermal long-sleeve jersey and low-volume softshell, for serious year-round riders who demand aero protection in challenging spring/fall conditions', and I'd agree.

The jacket's front features two fabrics: Push Pull and Rhombus. Push Pull is a more breathable, lightweight layer while Rhombus offers thermal properties woven into the soft jacquard-like textile. Together these fabrics make up the double-layered 'twinDeck format', which is aimed at keeping the core warm but still allowing moisture to escape.

2022 Assos Dyora RS Spring Fall Jacket - inside.jpg

Assos has also placed what it calls Diffusor valves on the shoulders to further help prevent overheating – this basically works as a vent between the two fabric layers, though I must say I didn't notice any effect from them. The two-way full-front zip also allows extra ventilation.

2022 Assos Dyora RS Spring Fall Jacket - shoulder.jpg

The stretchy Sonic textile sleeves have a ribbed, aero-looking construction and fit snug against the skin, providing light insulation, and finishing this jersey are raw-cut hems.

In use

I only started testing the jacket when spring was already (officially) on its last legs, but who am I to kid that the season to follow in Scotland would've been summer? I've continued to enjoy riding in this jacket very much both on colder day rides but especially on chillier evenings and mornings.

In essence, this jacket – or is it a jersey? – is a combination of a thermal jersey and a softshell, but still offers enough breathability for some more intensive ride efforts. Unlike most softshells that I've worn, this one is very figure hugging – all the panels are shaped for an ergonomic fit and aerodynamic profile.

2022 Assos Dyora RS Spring Fall Jacket - back.jpg

I wore this on its own with a thin, sleeveless summer baselayer and felt like it hit the sweet spot in many ways, regulating my core temperature more efficiently than I've ever experienced before. At the beginning of a ride I felt comfortably warm, on the first climb I could zip the top open a little bit, and after a harder sprint I could have the whole jersey – sorry, jacket – zipped open from the bottom, using the two-way zip.

2022 Assos Dyora RS Spring Fall Jacket - zip.jpg

Having it flap open at the bottom effectively cools the back and prevents overheating. I do not understand why more jackets – and jerseys! – aren't fitted with a two-way zip. Then, when you start descending, it's so easy to pull the zip back down.

In general the build quality and choice of materials for this jacket are exceptional and they really work. The rear's mesh-like construction offers breathability and cooling, whereas the front's bobbled shell keeps your core warm in the wind.

2022 Assos Dyora RS Spring Fall Jacket - shoulders.jpg

Fit & sizing

In terms of the general fit, this jersey is not tight (I tested size small), and I could definitely wear a thicker base layer underneath it, but that being said it is very flattering and fits around your curves rather than digging into them. The aero-looking sleeves are very comfortable and don't bulk on the wrists or anywhere else – and I found them a very good length.

2022 Assos Dyora RS Spring Fall Jacket - cuff.jpg

The collar comes up a little, too, which is perfect for chillier temperatures.

The jersey is held in place well by the gripper design on the hem, and the back being slightly longer than the front is great when in a more aggressive riding position.

2022 Assos Dyora RS Spring Fall Jacket - gripper.jpg

The jacket is only available in black but benefits from reflective details on the shoulder and back pockets. I really appreciated these, making it a little more appropriate for riding in the dark.

2022 Assos Dyora RS Spring Fall Jacket - pockets.jpg

The rear pockets are well made, stretchy to offer enough space without being floppy, and their purple 'lid' adds a nice pop to the otherwise black/grey of the jacket, as well as keeping stuff secure while you ride.

2022 Assos Dyora pockets.jpeg


There's no denying that at £265 the Assos Dyora RS Spring Fall Jacket sits at the very upper end of the market. It is an investment, but in my opinion this is just the perfect mid-season/winter training jacket for a British rider. I think you can get a lot more wear out of this jacket than just the chillier spring/autumn months, as it's great on chilly summer mornings and (I can imagine) in the winter paired with a gilet.

But compared with others out there, it is clear that the Assos jacket causes a larger dent to your bank account.

Rapha's Women's Pro Team Winter Jacket is a similar product, and it's 'only' £195, though I don't think it offers the same warmth. (We tested the men's version last year.)

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If you were happy to stick with a more traditional thermal jersey, Castelli's Diagonal Women's Jersey FZ at £125 (up £15 since we tested it in 2020) is less than half the price, and Emma reckoned it did a great job of keeping her warm without excess bulk, and that it worked well with layers.

As I've said, though, I do think the Assos delivers exceptional performance and comfort.


If, like myself, you have a body temperature that keeps changing a lot during rides, the Dyora RS Spring Fall Jacket is a gem. The two-way zipper allows you to efficiently cool your back and front, and the aero sleeves allow your arms to stay comfortably cool.

It's given me the best comfort a thermal cycling jersey – sorry, jacket! – has ever managed. It's a combination of aerodynamics, thermal properties and breathability, all in one sleek-looking garment.


Near-perfect mid-season training jacket offering warmth, breathability, quality and style – at a price test report

Make and model: Assos Dyora RS Spring Fall Jacket

Size tested: Small

Tell us what the jacket is for and who it's aimed at. What do the manufacturers say about it? How does that compare to your own feelings about it?

Assos says: "For colder full-gas efforts in fall and spring, when a thermal SS jersey, arm warmers, and vest combo isn't cutting it, we developed a streamlined single-piece option with body-mapped protection and built-in ventilation. In most spring/fall conditions, pair it with a short-sleeve Spring Fall Skin Layer, In colder, more challenging conditions, pair it with a long-sleeve Spring Fall Skin Layer underneath and DYORA RS Spring Fall Aero Gilet over the top.

"Blurring the lines between thermal long-sleeve jersey and low-volume softshell, for serious year-round riders who demand aero protection in challenging spring/fall conditions."

Tell us some more about the technical aspects of the jacket?

From Assos:


An elastic Push Pull exterior joins forces with the insulating Rhombus for the front panel. The sleeves are made with our SONIC textile, a highly elastic ribbed fabric that both molds to the arms and delivers light insulation with its brushed skin-facing side.


On the front and upper back panels, our double-layer twinDeck fabric construction locks out the cold and creates a pocket of insulating air between the layers, while still remaining exceptionally breathable. As a race-ready garment, it's stripped to its essence: raw-cut hems and pre-shaped panels reduce weight and ensure an aerodynamic profile that seamlessly integrates with other layers.

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It's a steep price, but it's an unusual combination that's hard to compare exactly. And it does a great job.

How easy is the jacket to care for? How did it respond to being washed?

The jacket washed very well and also didn't smell after one ride, so it's easy to do multiple rides before a wash.

Tell us how the jacket performed overall when used for its designed purpose

Really well – it's comfortable when in a riding position, compressive but not restrictive, and warm but not like a plastic bag when it comes to breathability.

Tell us what you particularly liked about the jacket

It fits nicely, it's warm but at the same time breathable, and it doesn't feel bulky or sweaty. The two-way zip is brilliant.

Tell us what you particularly disliked about the jacket

The price.

How does the price compare to that of similar products in the market including ones recently tested on

It's expensive, but it's a tricky one to compare as it's neither softshell nor thermal jersey, but a combination of both. Rapha's Women's Pro Team Winter Jacket is similar, if not as warm, and is £195; Castelli's Diagonal Women's Jersey FZ is a more traditional thermal jersey and at £125 (up £15 since we tested it in 2020) is less than half the price of the Assos.

Did you enjoy using the jacket? Yes

Would you consider buying the jacket? Yes

Would you recommend the jacket to a friend? Yes

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There is nothing else I can fault this jacket for except the price. It's excellent.

Overall rating: 9/10

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