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Prolific bike thief jailed for six months after being spotted by off-duty police officers

Joshua Collinson-Prime will also have to pay £1,200 compensation to one of the victims

A prolific bike thief who caused "misery" to his victims has been jailed for six months after being caught in the act by off-duty police officers.

Joshua Collinson-Prime breached his Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) and began his latest offending spree in Cambridge in May when he was caught on CCTV stealing two speakers worth more than £600 from John Lewis in St Andrew's Street.

Shortly after the 27-year-old was seen on CCTV stealing a locked bike worth £1,200 parked at the Beehive Centre on May 16.

On June 19 he was then spotted by off-duty officers breaking the lock of a Pinnacle mountain bike in Fitzroy Street and was arrested a few days later.

At Cambridge Magistrates' Court, Collinson-Prime pleaded guilty to two counts of theft, two counts of bike theft and breaching a CBO.

He was sentenced to six months (24 weeks) in prison and must also pay £1,200 compensation to his first bike victim.

The CBO, in place until June 2024, states he must not: 

  • Be in possession of any bicycle part/bicycle without proof of purchase/ownership/lawful rental

  • Advertise, sell, or offer to sell any pedal cycle of bike part that you do not have proof of ownership for financial or other gain

  • Go to any Co-Op in Cambridge within the boundary of the M11, A11, A505 and A14.

Speaking about the impact of the crimes on the victims, PC Emily-Jane Matthews from the Cambridge city neighbourhood policing team, said: "Bike thieves like Collinson-Prime cause misery to their victims. These bikes are often victim's only mode of transport and can be expensive to replace.

"Cycle theft continues to be a priority for neighbourhood officers in the city. We are working closely with partners across the city to combat theft through cycle awareness days, bike marking with Immobilise, education, catching offenders and recovering stolen bikes with proactive patrols.

"We urge any victims to report thefts to us as soon as possible and to ensure their bikes are registered so they can be reunited with them if stolen."

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wtjs | 2 years ago
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The logical conclusion, unless these CBOs are the hilarious joke we think they are (where the penalty for breaching a CBO is the same CBO), is that if there was no CBO in place when he committed the thefts then he would have got away with them along with the possible terrifying risk of a CBO being imposed and some community service you can get out of by claiming you have Covid so you can do online litter picking at home. 

Sriracha | 2 years ago
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So for stealing and selling bikes he gets hit with an order telling him not to steal or sell stolen bikes, until June 2024. Harsh!

Steve K | 2 years ago
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I'm intrigued about the Co-op ban.

mdavidford replied to Steve K | 2 years ago

Not allowed in the Co-op, but nipping in to John Lewis for more electricals is fine?

Dnnnnnn replied to Steve K | 2 years ago

Perhaps for being unco-operative.

a1white | 2 years ago

From the photo, I was hoping they'd caught the bike thieves who stole multiple bikes from NHS staff at UCL hospital in London during the lockdowns.

Absolute low-lifes

essexian | 2 years ago

Why no order to remove at least one of his hands?

This country has gone soft!

chrisonabike replied to essexian | 2 years ago

Yeah, what happened to those "Brexit benefits", eh?  C'mon Priti Patel, Dominic Raab, Dominic Cummings ...

Rome73 replied to essexian | 2 years ago
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That's harsh and too draconian. A thumb would do. Holding an angle grinder would be tricky without thumbs. 

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