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New airtight bike frame can be used to refill your tyres

Kickstarter campaign looking to raise £90,000

“A very light, simple and ecological replacement for the hand pump,” say its designers. It’s the Choka airtight bike frame – you can pump it up (yes, the frame) and then refill your tyres from it when you’re out and about.

Industrial designers, Claire and Joel, are looking to raise £90,000 for the project on Kickstarter.

“We dream of a better world, without disposable CO2 cartridges but with a lighter and more efficient solution than hand pumps,” they say.

So they hit upon this idea where they’d weld an aluminium frame airtight so that it could be used as an air reserve.

You can inflate the Choka frame with a normal track pump. The recommended pressure is 280 PSI / 12 bar.

Then, if you find you need to refill a tyre, you connect it to the frame with Choka’s hose, open the valve and inflate. Claire and Joel say you can do two or three tyres with each frame-load of air.

They’ve made two prototypes, Aghata (short for aggressive hard tail) and a gravel/road bike called Gravaël.

The aim with the Kickstarter campaign is to produce a first series of frames without outside investors.

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