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Cyclist channels inner artist to create Strava map self-portrait... that draws Peter Griffin comparisons

Taking inspiration from van Gogh (or maybe Anthony Hoyte), a cyclist has etched his face on London’s map. You decide if it looks like Peter from Family Guy or just a plain round potato!

Bored of doing rounds around Regent’s Park, a cyclist got inspired to draw his self-portrait in central London using Strava.

The portrait took London-based photographer and nurse, Daniel Coyle 31 miles around Camden, Kensington and Westminster, with nearly four hours spent on this endeavour.

He admitted that he lost his way a couple of times, and had to tweak a few facial features with the help of the GPS app Strava.

He posted the finished product on Reddit titled “Cycled a self portrait over London today”, and it received overwhelming responses, with people seeing similarities between the map route and characters from pop culture.

“You look like a teenaged mutant ninja turtle”, someone commented. Others thought the picture looked like Peter Griffin from Family Guy, or an ewok from Star Wars. A few even mentioned Blendon Blandin, the timid time-traveller from Gravity Falls.

Most of the comments were quite wholesome, with people appreciating the effort and execution. Kindly_Violinist3484 wrote, “Really weird but brilliant idea!!”, to which Daniel replied that he decided to do this to keep himself amused as he needed to get fitter.

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However, a few couldn’t help themselves from the tongue-in-cheek remarks. “You really captured the eyes,” read a comment, observing the two shapes faintly resembling a circle over Paddington and Regent’s Place.

Creating cycling art on Strava isn’t a new thing. Cyclist Anthony Hoyte, also known as the 'Pedalling Picasso', is famous for using his bike as his paintbrush as he cycles miles and miles to make sketches on the map. His most recent festive effort was a massive drawing of Santa Claus across the length and breadth of Paris in Christmas.


He has even won a prize for his Strava artwork called Fowl Play, in a Strava art competition organised in Bristol. More recently, two cyclists set out to create the biggest piece of GPS art, cycling 2,400 km across southern England to spell out ‘Refugees Welcome’.

While Daniel’s drawing may not be setting any records or winning any prizes, it might just provide him enough motivation to stay fit, and perhaps create another GPS art… maybe without getting lost this time.

Adwitiya joined in 2023 as a news writer after graduating with a masters in journalism from Cardiff University. His dissertation focused on active travel, which soon threw him into the deep end of covering everything related to the two-wheeled tool, and now cycling is as big a part of his life as guitars and football. He has previously covered local and national politics for Voice Wales, and also likes to writes about science, tech and the environment, if he can find the time. Living right next to the Taff trail in the Welsh capital, you can find him trying to tackle the brutal climbs in the valleys.

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NotNigel | 1 year ago
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Nicely done....I think I've actually done more wrong turns since using a computer than before.

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