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Driver rams cyclist and crushes bike during dispute

Update: The driver was issued with a community resolution order by the Met, and has agreed to pay compensation to the cyclist

UPDATE: A motorist who was filmed driving at a cyclist blocking their path, before running over and crushing their bike, has been issued with a Community Resolution order by the Metropolitan Police. As part of the order, the driver has agreed to pay compensation to the cyclist for damaging his bike.

A Met spokesperson told the Daily Mail that officers were called to Kilburn High Road at 1.23pm on Sunday 13 November following the shocking incident.

“A man reported that his bicycle had been run over by a car following a verbal dispute with the driver. The man did not sustain any injuries,” the spokesperson said.

“The matter was concluded by way of a community resolution order issued to the driver, who also agreed to pay compensation for the damage to the man.”

Community Resolution orders, according to West Midlands Police, offer the police the opportunity to informally “deal with appropriate low-level offences and offenders without recourse to formal criminal justice sanctions.” They are often issued following incidents involving first-time offenders, which officers may have deemed to have been the result of “a momentary lapse in judgement by otherwise law-abiding people”.

The orders, which normally allow the victim to have a say in how the matter is dealt with, can result in a simple apology, a promise to clear up or rectify any criminal damage, or – as we have seen in this particular case – an offer of compensation.

> Video: Driver who assaulted cyclist told by police to “engage with anger management”

In September 2021, South Yorkshire Police applied Community Resolution after a motorist punched a cyclist’s shoulder and helmet, and damaged his bike, during a road rage incident. After being initially charged with assault, the driver was merely asked to “engage with anger management” by the police.

Original story below:

Footage has emerged of a motorist in London driving at a cyclist blocking their path, running over and crushing their bike.

From the two angles that have been shared on social media the rider fortunately appears to get out the way of the accelerating vehicle physically unharmed as it smashes his bicycle into the road.


A post shared by SDUK (@streetdrama_uk)

The rider is on the phone to the police when the footage starts, standing at the junction to block the driver when the man forces his vehicle past, ramming the cyclist backwards. has contacted the Metropolitan Police for an official update, but at the end of the clip the cyclist can be heard giving the location as Kilburn High Road before saying "he's now threatening me again" and "they've driven over my bike" while the driver is moved away by passers-by.

In another angle from the other side of the junction the driver is seen edging towards the cyclist seconds before driving over the bike. Queens Park Police were tagged in the post on Twitter, but did not reply. During the footage a woman can be heard saying: "It's on video, I can forward this to the police, everyone's taking videos".

The video did the rounds on social media on a weekend with another concerning story of violence against a cyclist being reported.

The Hartlepool Mail says a woman has been bailed as the investigation continues into an assault on a cyclist on Friday.

Officers were called to Oxford Street and later confirmed a 27-year-old woman had been arrested and released on conditional bail.

A statement confirmed a 34-year-old man had been taken to hospital for treatment on a "serious head injury" after a "car driver pulled over and reportedly assaulted him". Inquiries are ongoing.

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