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Cyclists angered by Canadian politician's road safety interview...while driving through snowstorm

"We're just making sure people are safe in their cars," Ontario's head of government Doug Ford told CP24 from behind the wheel of his vehicle...

'Do as I say, not as I do' was the message some Canadian cyclists accused Premier Doug Ford of spreading after Ontario's head of government appeared on a TV news interview to talk about road safety, as he drove through a snowstorm.

Ontario and Quebec have been hit by major snowstorms, resulting in dangerous conditions on the area's road network, and leaving many stranded at home.

Ford is the premier of Ontario, meaning he heads the regional government for the province, and appeared on Toronto news station CP24 to provide guidance on how people could stay safe.

The problem? Premier Ford was speaking to the network while driving around the Toronto area, assisting drivers who had slid off the road.

"I'm just picking people up, checking on people," he explained while periodically glancing down to the call. "Cars are stuck all over the place. [I'm] Just making sure people are safe in their cars, and anything I can do to help them."

Interrupting his call, Ford then wound down the window, saying: "Here's another gentleman...I'm just going to make sure...Oh, that car's empty.

"I've dropped off a few people at their homes, and you just do what you have to do. Everyone's doing it — I'm no different."

Many pointed out the irony of the politician's road safety message coming directly from behind the wheel of a moving car.

Shortly after, a tweet from Ford's Twitter account telling drivers to "stay focused on the road" was hastily deleted.

 Ford came under heavy criticism from those angered about his behaviour, particularly considering some of the worst driving conditions seen in the area in recent times.

Dave Shellnut tweeted: "Ford Nation: 'Just making sure people are safe in their cars,' says premier while driving and watching a video of himself during our worst snowstorm yet."

Kris Pangilinan added: "You'd think the Premier would know some of the distracted driving laws..."

The reporter contacted Toronto Police but was told no complaint has been filed in regards to the incident and it is not being investigated at this time.

It is not the first time the Ford family name has angered cyclists. In 2010 it came to light that, Doug's brother Rob, and then front-running candidate to become Toronto's mayor had, in 2007, said: "Roads are built for buses, cars and trucks, not for people on bikes".

> Dead cyclists? It's their own fault according to Toronto mayoral candidate

In the same statement Rob Ford appeared to blame cycling deaths on those who ride bikes.

Meanwhile in 2012, pictures appeared of Rob reading papers while driving. In his defence the mayor said he reads when driving as, "I'm try[ing] to catch up on my work and you know I keep my eyes on the road, but I'm a busy man."

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