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Peak District or the Alps? Cyclist enjoys snow-covered Snake Pass

"Pretty special"...

While many of you will have quite sensibly taken your weekend spin indoors this morning, for those with wider, more knobbly tyres, and decent winter gear there were stunning snow-capped peaks to be enjoyed.

The powder-lined roads of Snake Pass out of Glossop in the Peak District had the good folk from Faction Chamois Cream (reviewed by, of course) ascending what could have been an Alpine climb, or something akin to the top of the Stelvio as the Giro d'Italia peloton grinds by, empty but for a few hardy souls and a couple of drivers in 4x4s. 

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"It was great to ride," they reported. "Some ice but most dry, just like an Alpine climb in early season. Very quiet."

The road has been impassable to most for a couple of days now, with locals and one Twitter account dedicated to providing updates on its status, reporting 13 inches of snow, deeper in drifts.

 It is a year since Snake Pass was at the centre of an accessibility storm after the road was closed to motor traffic due to landslides, prompting pedal-powered riders to enjoy the traffic-free slopes.

Of course, all good things come to an end and it didn't take Derbyshire County Council to close the road to everyone, a decision criticised as an anti-cyclist move "dressed up cheaply as health and safety".

Exactly a year ago tomorrow (12th March) a group of around 60 cyclists including children, cycle hire users and cargo bike riders 'reclaimed' the climb during an organised trespass.

To mark the anniversary Mother Nature has closed the road once again... just be careful how you go...

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