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Plop-up cycle lane; 75% of cyclists experience road rage; Cyclist sentenced for assault on teenagers posting Black Lives Matter signs; Nick Ferrari claims LTNs are "apartheid"; Cut bike locks found outside hospital; Racing is back + more on the live blog

It's Wednesday and Dan Alexander is here to take you through the middle of the week on the live blog...
03 February 2021, 16:59
WorldTour jerseys as bathroom junk thread

Some quality pro cycling jersey x bathroom items content if you're into that sort of thing. Personal favourites have to include: FDJ as Colgate Total, Intermarché–Wanty–Gobert Matériaux as citrus clean Head & Shoulders and Trek Segafredo as Sudocream. Who wouldn't want to be compared to anti-dandruff shampoo? 

03 February 2021, 16:31
Plop-up cycle lane
Cycle lane portaloo original post (Al Ó Baoighill Facebook)

Handy if you ever get caught short, although admittedly quite difficult to see if anything's coming the other way. This photo was shared on the Bristol Cyclists Facebook page by Al Ó Baoighill who says when he returned it had been moved back to the other side of the road...

For more crap cycle lanes, check out this Essex bike route which gained notoriety last July with one user making the bold claim that it's Britain's worst cycle lane.

03 February 2021, 15:41
Cofidis' Christophe Laporte wins opening stage of Étoile de Bessèges
03 February 2021, 12:02
Three quarters of cyclists victims of road rage

A new survey in Australia found that three quarters of cyclists have been victims of road rage. The survey was conducted by the Royal Automobile Association (RAA), with 81 per cent of respondents saying they'd been cut off by a driver despite having right of way. In total 39 per cent said they'd been knocked off their bike by a vehicle driver, while 65 per cent had a car door opened in front of them. Between 2015 and 2019, 2,518 cyclists were injured and 26 killed in crashes, according to Southern Australia Police figures.

Additional responses from the survey showed that 85 per cent of cyclists actively avoided major roads without bike lanes, 58 per cent avoided riding during peak traffic hours and 45 per cent avoided large roundabouts.

In response to the survey, were contacted by a cyclist who'd had numerous close calls. "I pick and choose when I ride so I don't have to ride on major roads when they're busy to try and avoid drivers," Mark Habel told the website. "You assume that people aren‘t looking or won’t stop or that someone would open their door without looking, (and) trying to ride to suit that. You’re not going to win against a car."

In 2017, a similar survey in the UK found that 63 per cent of cyclists had experienced aggressive behaviour from motorists. How do your experiences compare to these figures? Is road rage sadly just an inevitable part of being a cyclist? Or can something be done to reduce the amount of road rage incidents? 

03 February 2021, 14:56
Dame Sarah Storey recruiting two new female amateur riders to join the ŠKODA DSI Cycling Academy
Dame Sarah Storey Skoda Cycling Academy (via Skoda Cycling Academy)

Applications are open for female amateur riders looking to earn a spot on Dame Sarah Storey's ŠKODA DSI Cycling Academy. The academy provides a university-style programme for female cyclists aged between 17-22 as a route to the elite level of the sport. During their time with the team, riders are provided with the performance, nutrition and media skills required to be a pro cyclist as well as competing at some of the UK's most prestigious races. The team's 2021 schedule includes racing the Women's National Road and Circuit Series as well as ŠKODA sponsored events such as L’Etape du Tour, La Course, the Women’s Tour and the Tour Series.

Applications are open until Friday March 5 when succesful applicants will be chosen to attend a testing day on March 29 at Lee Valley VeloPark. Anyone interested in applying can do so by following this link.

03 February 2021, 14:08
British Cycling cancel several rounds of the HSBC National Road Series due to the pandemic

British Cycling has announced several rounds of the 2021 HSBC National Road Series, some of the UK's premier domestic races, have been cancelled due to the pandemic. The Tour of the Resevoir (men's event), Alexandra Tour of the Resvoir (women's event) and Stockton Cycling Festival Grand Prix (men and women's events) have been cancelled at the request of the race organisers. The Rapha Lincoln Grand Prix, originally scheduled for May 9, has been postponed and will not take place on its original date. However, British Cycling stressed the organisers are continuing to look for alternative dates later in the year.

In a statement the organisers of the Tour of the Resevoir and Alexandra Tour of the Resevoir said: "We and Project Genesis are still committed to 2022, when we will be able to give Consett, its citizens, and the sport itself an event worthy of its status, and also an event that can pay its respects to Mike Hodgson, the event’s organiser for 37 years, who passed away last April due to Covid-19."

Due to the changes the Women's CICLE Classic will be the opening race of the women's series on Sunday June 27, while the men's calendar opens with the Beaumont Trophy on Sunday July 4.

03 February 2021, 12:50
Cyclist sentenced for assault on teenagers posting Black Lives Matter sign

A judge in Washington DC has sentenced a man to three years of probation after he pleaded guilty to assault charges for an incident last June where three teenagers were confronted for posting Black Lives Matter signs. The cyclist, Anthony Brennan III, was accused of assaulting the teenagers on the Capital Crescent Trail after spotting them putting Black Lives Matter flyers along the popular bike route.

In the video, one of the teens can be heard shouting "leave her alone" and "do not touch her" as Brennan tried to take the posters off one of the girls. He then used his bike to charge at the man filming the altercation. The video has been viewed millions of times and featured on several US news channels. If Brennan re-offends during his probation he can be sentenced to up to three years in prison.

WJLA reports the cyclist blamed his actions on alcoholism and frustration and that he spent months in rehab following his arrest.

03 February 2021, 11:33
Nairo Quintana hoping for successful return to racing after a winter in Colombia recovering from knee injury that kept him out of action since September
Nairo Quintana during the 2020 Tour de France (picture credit Alex Whitehead/

Nairo Quintana told Caracol Radio about his struggles to recover from a knee injury. The Colombian has been training at home in Boyacá over the winter but will return to Europe next week ahead of his first race of the season, hopefully at the end of the month. Quintana has not raced since the Tour de France in September due to a cartilage issue in his knee.

"From the first moment I have been working on what the injury has left. It is logical that we are not at a high level, the injury has delayed everything, in general we are doing well, we have worked on the bike and the feeling is good," Quintana said. 

The Arkéa–Samsic climber has eyed the Giro d'Italia as his primary goal for the coming months as well as riding for the French team at the Tour. "My intention is clear, I like the Giro a lot, I have participated twice, in one I was first and the other second. I want to repeat it again, I want to return to the podium, we hope that one of the invitations will be for us," he confirmed.

03 February 2021, 10:53
Geraint Thomas back racing after Giro d'Italia crash
03 February 2021, 10:28
Nick Ferrari claims LTNs are an "apartheid"

Nick Ferrari is a regular critic of LTNs. In 2017 fellow LBC host James O'Brien hit back at Ferrari's complaint about red light jumping cyclists by saying "any argument against cycling is an argument in favour of pollution, obesity and death". And, as highlighted before Christmas, the radio presenter has made anti-LTN arguments on his radio show despite reportedly having benefited from living in one for years. 

Ferrari was back arguing against the schemes on his morning show, this time claiming that LTNs are an "apartheid". In the full clip above, Ferrari argues: "All the vehicles are on the same road. So if you're on a leafy side street you've got a plant pot so nobody can drive past you. Your children can cycle around, play football.

"If you're on one of those main roads all the traffic: the buses, the taxis, the electric bikes and carrier bikes. And you just breathe in the fumes. It is an apartheid. The poor people on the roads can die, the rich people in the leafy side roads they're fine on the other side of the plant pots."

In November, analysis by Transport for London found that Hackney's LTNs have not resulted in higher traffic levels on five nearby A- and B-roads.

03 February 2021, 08:50
More cut bike locks found outside hospital where NHS worker's bike was stolen as he worked on Covid ICU ward

Yesterday evening we brought you the story about one NHS worker getting reunited with their bike that was stolen a few days earlier while they were working on a Covid ICU ward. Unfortunately, this is the less cheerful side of the story. Outside the same hospital where that bike was stolen, the London Cycling Campaign (LCC) found evidence of more thefts with cut D-locks scattered next to the bike parking area. 

LCC added that over 20,000 cycle thefts are reported in London each year and that a third of people whose bikes are stolen will give up cycling. In their 'New Cycle Parking Strategy for London', the LCC argued reducing bike theft required: "Secure cycle parking at home and at destinations is the obvious answer. TfL has identified the problems and its proposed solutions reflect LCC’s longstanding advice, as well as international best practice.

"New developments will benefit from the improved minimum cycle parking standards in the London Plan that LCC and TfL have backed, but retrofitting existing buildings is necessary as demand grows and incentives for employers have worked before and could prove an answer again."

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