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Road rage on the rise according to cyclists

Condition of UK roads another major concern

Almost two-thirds of UK cyclists (63 per cent) have experienced aggressive behaviour from motorists, according to a recent survey, while over half (56 per cent) believe the problem has increased significantly over the last five years.

Over 1,500 experienced and intermediate cyclists were questioned by cycle wear brand Fat Lad at the Back with the results released to coincide with National Road Safety Week.

The survey also found that 85 per cent of cyclists were concerned about the behaviour of motorists whilst on their bikes, whereas 94 per cent said they felt safe and confident on the road whilst driving.

Over a third said they had become better drivers since taking to two wheels.

Motorist hospitalised Cotswolds cyclist using ice cream cone

Speaking about the results, Fat Lad At The Back founder Richard Bye, said: “Cyclists feeling intimidated by UK motorists is not new news. What is concerning however is that cyclists feel that the problem of aggressive driver behaviour is on the rise.

“With more and more riders taking to the road we would encourage motorists to pay extra attention. It’s not about slamming drivers or pointing the finger of blame, it’s about encouraging everyone to take that little extra care and consideration. Providing riders with just a little more space can make all the difference in the event either party hits an obstacle in the road or has cause to swerve.”

Driver anger at cyclists often borne of ignorance of the law finds survey

Another finding was that 70 per cent reported having experienced a near miss with a car – something we regularly document here at via our Near Miss of the Day feature.

In contrast, only four per cent said they had experienced a near collision with another cyclist.

Cyclists were also concerned about the condition of British roads with 83 per cent of those polled believing them to be a real risk.

Last week we reported that nearly 100 cyclists a year are injured by potholes that councils deem too small to fix. Cycling UK has called for the Government to reallocate funding from its £15bn Road Investment Strategy and is also advocating a risk-based approach to assessment, pointing out that a pothole’s position in the road is as important as its size.

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