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Same cycle lane, different driver, same near miss...but The Sun asks "who's in the right?"; Reaction to Ed Laverack's Sa Calobra-conquering KOM; "I started to hyperventilate": Remco relives Liège; One week 'til Giro time + more on the live blog

This time of year is great, isn't holidays all over the gaff and (sometimes) some nicer weather...Dan Alexander is here to finish of the live blog for before a lovely long weekend...
29 April 2022, 15:40
He's alright is this Van der Poel lad...

What's that? The Giro starts with an uphill finish? Aye, I know a guy... 

29 April 2022, 15:16
How was your commute?
29 April 2022, 14:19
"I’m off for another lie down": Hear from man of the moment Ed Laverack about Sa Calobra KOM
Ed Laverack Strava Sa Calobra

"One thing I’ve learnt today is how valuable taking people along on a journey can mean," Ed told his social media following. "The KOM on Sa Calobra is one thing, training, creating videos, sharing the little details on socials to hopefully help or give people something to relate to somewhere is a massive passion.

> Most competitive Strava segment in the world? Ed Laverack smashes Sa Calobra KOM

"I saw that today. Not just from the folks at the top of the mountain, but the groups of cyclists on the road, asking 'did you do it?' Having no idea who these people were made me slightly emotional, but it makes everything I do so fulfilling and worthwhile.

"Professional cycling isn’t the only way to make a living by doing what I love to do. Right, I’m off for another lie down."

What's next?

29 April 2022, 13:48
All the reaction to The Sun's 'debate'

West Midlands Walking and Cycling Commissioner Adam Tranter provided the most succinct answer to The Sun's "who's in the right?" nonsense..."The give way markings might provide a clue" he suggested...

Don't go bringing common sense to The Sun's 'debate', Adam...

Over on Facebook, Robert Skedgell had the pick of the comments: "One of the most serious problems with the driving theory test is that it's been made easy enough for Sun readers to pass"...

Here in the live blog comments section, kinggill offered some always-appreciated local knowledge: "Before the A38 route was opened, the council announced in the media that cars would have to 'give way' when crossing the cycle route (as if one could ever just swing across the Bristol Road!). It caused fury online as per usual 'causes more pollution for me to idle my engine' etc. It is a great route but always heart-in-the-mouth moments at those junctions; a pity as it's one of the few places in Brum where you can pick up a bit of speed."

brooksby did a good job of summing up how most (all) of us feel: "I honestly don't understand. How is it 'open to debate'?  Cyclist on cycle path, therefore having priority; motorist approaches 'give way' lines. Motorist doesn't give way, either through a conscious decision or because they just weren't looking. Either way, motorist at fault. End of discussion."

While chrisonatrike wondered if the real meaning of The Sun's 'debate' is: "whether cyclists should be allowed anywhere roads - or indeed at all".

29 April 2022, 13:17
Ineos Grenadiers announce line-up for pre-race favourite Richard Carapaz's Giro d'Italia tilt

Talking of The Empire, here's Ineos Grenadiers' line-up for the Giro. Any talk of a Chelsea takeover hasn't materialised in time for Romelu Lukaku to pull on the Lycra...

In full: Richard Carapaz, Richie Porte, Pavel Sivakov, Jhonatan Narváez, British national champ Ben Swift, Jonathan Castroviejo, Salvatore Puccio and exciting British prospect Ben Tulett. 

Thomas Tuchel will be in the team car, with N'Golo Kanté first reserve should anyone drop out...

29 April 2022, 13:12
The Empire grows?
29 April 2022, 11:46
Annemiek van Vleuten suffers broken wrist in training crash

Annemiek van Vleuten will be out of action for the foreseeable having broken her right wrist during a training crash in the Netherlands, Movistar has confirmed. Last Sunday's Liège–Bastogne–Liège winner underwent surgery last night at the Rijnstate Hospital in Arnhem, with no return date yet discussed.

Despite this, the team says Van Vleuten should still be able to be fit in time for the Giro d'Italia Donne and the inaugural Tour de France Femmes, in July.

29 April 2022, 11:43
Saturday 30th April — Local Bike Shop Day
29 April 2022, 11:06
"I'm slower than that going down...": Reaction to Ed Laverack's Sa Calobra-conquering KOM

Ed Laverack conquering Sa Calobra was one of those rarest of rare news stories that attracts a universally positive reception. Here's the best of it...

peted76 said: "This is great to see! Ed has been planning a crack at this KOM since before COVID hit and scuppered his plans..Chapeau Ed, what a KOM to have!!"

> Most competitive Strava segment in the world? Ed Laverack smashes Sa Calobra KOM

Over on Facebook, Colin Worth commented: "Not bad, I stop to take photos, otherwise I’d expect to be pretty close to that, we’ll never know though." Wouldn't we all...

Paul Winchcombe came to the painful realisation Ed's time is more than twice as quick as his Sa Calobra PB, while Ben Williams reckons he was slower going down...

Rob Slack wanted a shout-out. He's on the Strava leaderboard too...just in the bottom 5 per cent. Mark Markowski noted the baguette, coffee and cake at the bottom is the only thing slowing his ascent down. Me and you both, Mark, me and you both...

Mark Williams commented: "Beat me by about 30 mins but he probably does lots of training which, let’s face it, is a bit like cheating."

29 April 2022, 10:29
🚨One-week warning🚨


29 April 2022, 08:50
"I accidentally switched two teeth smaller instead of bigger": Remco relives Liège–Bastogne–Liège triumph
Remco Evenepoel wins Liege-Bastogne-Liege 2022 (GCN)

A few days on from his breakthrough Monument success, Remco Evenepoel sat down with Belgian media outlet Sporza to talk through his triumph, including his accidentally high cadence and post-race hyperventilating. 

"I accidentally switched two teeth smaller instead of bigger. That caused panic for a while, because my cadence was very high," the Belgian sensation said of his thermonuclear attack...

 "I had a day like the time trial in Algarve. I didn't really hear anything around me because I was so in the zone. Only what they said in my ear came to me. The only thing I felt and heard was when I saw my trainer Koen Pelgrim standing on top. Only at that moment did I look away from the road. He was screaming like the other supporters.

"But I just didn't realise what was happening in the last 200 meters. You can ask my family: I was really hyperventilating after the finish."

29 April 2022, 08:40
Work begins on "specialist" mountain bike park in Northampton

The Northampton Chronicle & Echo reports work has started this week to build a mountain bike park on a former golf course. The site, west of Brackmills Industrial Estate, opened for work on Monday to build the Northampton Bike Park where the former Hard Nine golf course stood. Shredding dirt is the new golf, apparently.

The plans include: A multi-user green trail – an easy, dual-direction cycle route across the site, connecting Houghton Hill to the underpass for the A45. Blue (moderate), red (difficult) and black (severe) off-road mountain bike trails for different abilities - dual tracks will allow head-to-head riding. Five gathering spots where riders can meet to discuss the next section of track, and coaching can be provided. A mountain bike skills area.

"This will be an outstanding facility," Cllr Lizzy Bowen said. "We know there are many people in the local area and the mountain biking community who can’t wait to see it up and running. This project continues our work to make Northampton a town fit for the 21st century, with opportunities for everyone in the area to live their best lives."

29 April 2022, 07:54
Same cycle lane, different driver, same near miss...but The Sun asks "who’s in the right?"

Yesterday's live blog featured the video of a cyclist using the A38 cycle lane in Birmingham, with its lane-crossing turnings and not-looking motorists...

The clip was fairly uncontroversial, I don't think that's up for debate. A cyclist riding along the route was forced to brake hard after a driver, coming from the left, didn't check to see if anything was coming and pulled out across the rider's path. A fairly common occurrence for anyone who uses a bicycle to negotiate the UK's road network, unfortunately.

The Sun newspaper did not see it that way...

We really didn't want to give their social post the slightest air of promotion, so here's a picture of it instead (with Jeremy Vine's thoughts on the "but who's in the right?" ridiculousness)...

Amongst the replies: someone who thought the cyclist was riding the wrong way down a one-way street (no, really), "It's a horrible thing to have to say but in this instance the cyclist is absolutely 100% in the right", and this handy advice...

But that wasn't the end of matters as, in reply to Vine, another rider who has footage from the very same Birmingham cycle lane, said he'd "nearly died there" yesterday afternoon.

It seems running the gauntlet of crossing motorists is just part and parcel of using this infrastructure...

In the words of yesterday's cyclist: "Even when you think you're cycling in a safe place, there are drivers around to show you, you never are." 

29 April 2022, 08:14

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