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Jacob Rees-Mogg brands 20mph speed limits "an anti-motorist, cash raising ploy"; Have you ever crashed on the turbo? Home trainer sprint snaps sweat-corroded bar; Six Day pro suffers serious injuries in major crash; Pothole party + more on the live blog

Go easy on Dan Alexander, he's feeling a bit under the weather but will try to battle on through as much of Wednesday's live blog as possible...
16 November 2022, 15:48
Jacob Rees-Mogg brands 20mph speed limits "an anti-motorist, cash raising ploy"

Happy Wednesday folks... you'll be delighted to hear Jacob Rees Mogg has self-exhumed from the depths of the Tory Party back onto our screens to enlighten the world with his wisdom...

Appears ol' Moggy missed this bit where The Telegraph's article says the scheme has little impact on collisions... "largely because they are often ignored"... and in other cities 20mph limits have caused "significant reductions in road traffic speed, collisions and casualties".

Science editor Sarah Knapton's piece notes the former observation by Queen's University Belfast experts who compared traffic and accident data in the city from 2013 and 2014 with 2017 and 2019 after 20mph limits were implemented. The data was also compared to city centre streets where restrictions didn't apply, as well as streets in the city and similar routes elsewhere in Northern Ireland that had retained their speed limits between 30 and 40mph.

And while the analysis pointed to "little change in short or long-term outcomes for road traffic collisions, casualties, or driver speed", Ruth Hunter, a professor of public health and planetary health, pointed to a lack of enforcement and drivers "unaware" of the new limit for an explanation in the largely unchanged collision numbers.

Knapton also points out that in other cities where 20mph speed limits have been implemented, notably Edinburgh, there have been "significant reductions in road traffic speed, collisions and casualties".

"Road deaths fell by nearly a quarter and serious injuries by a third when Edinburgh cut its speed limit to 20mph," she writes.

"mErElY aN aNtI-mOtOrIsT, cAsH rAiSiNg PlOy"

16 November 2022, 17:15
Gifts for cyclists 2022 under £50 — the best affordable Christmas presents for the cyclist in your life

Let's face it, we don't all have Mogg's millions, so here are our top affordable cycling-related gift ideas this Christmas...

> Gifts for cyclists 2022 under £50 — the best affordable Christmas presents for the cyclist in your life 

16 November 2022, 17:07
"I had to put on this face that wasn't me and pretend everything was okay when it just wasn't"
Jason Kenny and Laura Trott at Rio 2016 (picture Bryn Lennon, Getty, via

Dame Laura Kenny has spoken to Eurosport about the pain of suffering a miscarriage last year, and admitted "pretending everything was okay" in the aftermath.

"Being an athlete sort of dragged me through it, I guess," the five-time Olympic champion said. "I'm just glad I had something else to fall upon, because I don’t know how else I would have stopped my brain from overthinking the stuff it was thinking at the time.

"I didn't know what to do. I do not like letting people down, and [my career] has always been about turning up, and you give your best on that day. That's what you do as an athlete.

"I didn't really think twice about it, I just carried on being Laura. And that has its disadvantages, as much as being me has its advantages a lot of the time. Just saying you're okay the whole time has its disadvantages because I had to put on this face that wasn't me and pretend everything was okay when it just wasn't."

16 November 2022, 15:54
Comment of the day
16 November 2022, 13:25
Cyclist suffers serious injury after being thrown 30ft from railings at promenade

Merseyside Police reported a cyclist was seriously injured in Wallasey last night when their bike's brakes "failed" and they were sent crashing down a steep slope and into Egremont Promenade's railings, an impact which threw them 30ft (9m) down to the beach below.

16 November 2022, 13:24
UPDATE: The driver was issued with a community resolution order by the Met, and has agreed to pay compensation to the cyclist
16 November 2022, 13:12
US publishing giant Outside makes several redundancies including Editors-In-Chief of CyclingTips and VeloNews

Some tough news from within the cycling industry today as staff at CyclingTips and VeloNews, including the Editor-in-Chief of both sites Caley Fretz and Daniel Benson, have lost their jobs as part of a round of redundancies at publisher Outside.

In a letter to staff from Outside's CEO Robin Thurston shared on social media, it was confirmed that the publisher is cutting 12% of its workforce in an effort to "achieve profitability and control our destiny". 

Outside of Outside, Jeremy Whittle also confirmed that Stelvio magazine would not be publishing any further issues.

Stelvio was launched earlier this year as the 'thinking fan's bike mag' (with the aim of filling the hole left by the demise of ProCycling), featuring rider interviews, tactical analysis, and history pieces, along with some interesting and nuanced investigations into sportswashing, but only managed two editions before its own collapse.

"This is really sad news and all of us at are sorry to see some amazing journalists lose their jobs. Those titles will be worse for it and I hope all of those who have been let go land on their feet elsewhere," editor Jack Sexty commented.

16 November 2022, 12:26
MAXIMISE fitness gains with indoor and outdoor riding

Oh, and while we're on the topic, as if by magic the video team have just dropped this...

16 November 2022, 12:12
Turbo talk

We're talking turbo training on today's live blog, and to answer my own question, yes I have crashed while training indoors. I'm blaming teenage me for getting a cheap as chips turbo that attached at the rear quick release. I say 'attached'... it did when you set it up properly...

One of those turbos you feel the rocking when the (bang average) watts start going down...

Anyway, enough of my rambling...

SlowOldSteve: "Not a crash but a strange occurrence on the turbo yesterday, a puncture as I got on, put in a new inner tube and got a second puncture! Clearly something inside the tyre but a cursory run around with a finger revealed  nothing on the first puncture. To say there was a lot of bad language would be an understatement! I gave up and had tea and cake."

That's the answer to everything, in my book.

ShutTheFrontDawes is also an "advocate for removing bar tape. I just don't like it and once I tried cycling without it, I realised I liked it. I think everyone should at least try it." Bonus points for the get well soon message, possibly the nicest thing anyone's ever commented on one of my live blogs...

OldRidgeback: "I saw the post on Twitter. I didn't realise sweat could be so corrosive to an alloy. I know there's salt in sweat, but even so...."

Awavey: "It's the acidity along with the salt combination that causes the problem, I think it's common to hear about rusty fingerprints on metal handtools, especially when kept in high humidity environments. Apparently blood is worse so don't bleed on your bike either." Noted.

Elsewhere in the world of indoor training today...

2022 Tacx NEO Bike Plus  - 1.jpeg

> Garmin unveils Tacx NEO Bike Plus indoor smart bike – but it doesn't come cheap

16 November 2022, 11:24
The sign of a good session
16 November 2022, 11:03
Paralysed surgeon returns to work two years after freak cycling accident

Here's some inspiration for your middle of the week...

A surgeon who was paralysed from the waist down last year when he was struck by a falling tree while cycling at around 25mph (40km/h) has returned to work. Mohammed Belal is a consultant urologist at Birmingham's Queen Elizabeth Hospital and says he is a better doctor as a result of his experience.

Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham (Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic/ Tony Hisgett)

"I spent a lot of time looking after people with spinal cord injuries so I know both sides now," he told the BBC.

"I feel positive as I've been overwhelmed by the support I've had and while it's about accepting, I am privileged and it's about not giving up."

The surgeon took up cycling during lockdown but was injured in the freak accident while cycling through Meriden in Warwickshire in February 2021.

"There was no time to react. The next thing I knew I woke up and tried to get up and realised I was paralysed," he recalled. "What I've learnt as a patient is hope is very important. I recognise from the other side that I accept what has happened to me, but having hope I will work to get better. It allows me to push and push in rehab, to do the next thing that's needed."

The father of three spent eight months in hospital, has done countless hours of rehabilitation and, with the help of his wife, turned their garage into accommodation for his needs.

16 November 2022, 10:33
Belgian pro suffers serious injuries in Six Day crash

The opening madison of the famous Ghent Six Day saw Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl's Stijn Steels stretchered out of 't Kuipke velodrome with three broken ribs, two broken vertebrae and a lung contusion.

The Belgian was conscious as he left the arena, his head in his hands, and the team confirmed the injuries this morning: "Following his crash in Zesdaagse Geent, Stijn Steels was examined last night. He has a lung contusion, broken three ribs and two vertebrae. 

"The fractures are stable & as of this moment no operation or further intervention is required. Join us in wishing Stijn a complete recovery."

Steels wrote on social media: "The scans did not bring good news. With pain in my heart (and in the rest of the body) I have to give up in the six days. Thanks again to everyone for all the support, everything will be fine."

British duo Ethan Hayter and Fred Wright sit fourth in the standings after the first night of action.

16 November 2022, 09:50
Meanwhile in Britain...
No Context Brits tweet

We love a pothole party...

16 November 2022, 08:54
Handlebar from hell: Home trainer sprint snaps sweat-corroded bar

What a start to Wednesday's live blog we have for you...

The pro tips filled the replies sharpish. From the fairly obvious 'use a towel when you train indoors' to the more rogue (but quite appealing having seen this) 'do away with bar tape completely and just wash regularly'...

Luckily for Alan the fan was well-positioned for him to 'punch' as he fell, avoiding smacking the deck too hard... although now we think about it I'm not sure what's worse? Crashing off the turbo in your garage or having a fan blowing all that lovely sweaty alloy mess into your face while you train...

Don't worry, Alan, we've been here before...

> "This needs an exorcist, not a mechanic": You'll never train indoors without a towel again 

Handlebar nightmare (Credit: Stevil Kinevil/Twitter)

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