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West Ham star’s plea in hunt for car tyre slasher turns into cyclist registration 'debate'; Cyclist forced to use 'cyclocross skills' to avoid lorry; Britain's worst bike lane?; Rondo + Cannondale recalls; Cyclist knocked off in road rage incident +more

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15 July 2020, 16:19
Cyclist forced to hop onto curb to avoid lorry in shocking near miss

The footage, uploaded by the admin of the Torm cycle clothing company Twitter account, shows the rider being forced to hop onto the curb to avoid a lorry who is seemingly oblivious to the cyclist's presence. The cyclist says "cyclocross skills were put to the test", before he is then close passed again by the same lorry. 

Some have questioned why the cyclist would go back onto the road in front of a driver who clearly needs some serious re-training at the very least - would you have waited until the lorry was well out of the way?

15 July 2020, 15:57
Young cyclist knocked off his bike in alleged road rage incident in Norfolk

20-year-old Alastair Barrows had only just returned to his hometown in Norfolk after spending lockdown in Bristol where he studies; but just a week later after heading out for a bike ride, he was recovering in hospital after being knocked off his bike in an alleged road rage incident.

Ms MacDonald wrote on Twitter: "Road rage is disgusting! To the woman who decided to run my son off the road whilst screaming through the window of her car. He is now in hospital with a suspected broken jaw, concussion and two broken teeth. Luckily his cycle helmet saved him from greater damage!

"The witnesses confirm he had done no wrong but your attitude stank! Yet my son remained stoic throughout despite his injuries. I haven't seen him for 10 MONTHS, he is just home in the last 5 days and now you've put him in the @NNUH (Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital). The matter is with Norfolk Police."

Ms MacDonald also said her son called the police at the scene, and they have witnesses plus details of the offender. The Eastern Daily Press report that Norfolk Police were called to the incident in Hingham, which involved Mr Barrows and a woman driving a white Vauxhall Corsa; enquiries are ongoing.

15 July 2020, 15:49
Tory MP Rachel Maclean says cycling is not right for "women wearing a skirt or a dress"

The comments were made at a Transport Committee meeting that was mostly regarding the recently launched e-scooter trials; however Maclean's comments attracted considerable criticism, with one replying: "Good grief, not all people who ride bikes in UK want or need to wear lycra, ride racing bikes or go so fast they work up a sweat! Cycling in normal clothes (including skirts & dresses) is perfectly possible. Just ask any of us who've being doing so years."

15 July 2020, 12:54
Transformation of West Yorkshire's Queensbury Tunnel moves another step closer, with £1 million of government funding
queensbury tunnel july 2020

A lengthy campaign to transform a 1.4 mile disused railway tunnel into a 'greenway' route between Bradford and Calderdale has received another boost, with Grant Shapps announcing £1 million of government funding to make a business case for the project. 

The tunnel is on a railway line that was closed down in 1956, and became the centre of a row in October last year after it emerged contractors had been sent in to fill in the No 2 Shaft of the tunnel. The leader of Bradford City Council called on Shapps to intervene after Highways England ceased inspection and repair works at the tunnel, with the Queensbury Tunnel Society describing the work that followed as as an act of “ruthless vandalism.” 

If the Queensbury Tunnel project does goes ahead, the estimated cost will be £27 million, and it wil become the longest cycling tunnel in Europe. The Queensbury Tunnel Society said: “It’s time to move away from our engrained carbon-centric culture. Active travel must become the default choice for short journeys and we have to invest to make that happen.

“Queensbury Tunnel is a valuable future transport asset, not a relic of our past. It’s great to see the Government waking up to that reality.”

15 July 2020, 12:38
Lancashire Road Police continue to defend themselves over helmet tweet

The Lancs Road Policing Twitter account came in for a barrage of criticism yesterday after being accused of using the aftermath of a collision to promote the use of cycling helmets; and they've since said that the driver wasn't to blame. They also added: "Actually in this instance many people blamed the driver. Many turned into keyboard accident investigators instead of listening to the experienced officers who attended the scene. We don't always imply that a cyclist collided with a car but in this case, that's what happened."

15 July 2020, 14:39
Just a guy riding through a small puddle


15 July 2020, 13:56
In tribute to the late, great Sheldon Brown

If you need to work out gear ratios or get some comprehensive written maintenance tips, there are still few better places than Sheldon Brown's treasure trove of a website, 12 years after he passed away. While it still looks like a time capsule, the site is still updated regularly by Brown's friend John Allen, his widow Harriet Fell and employees of Harris Cyclery - find it here

15 July 2020, 12:23
Cannondale recall Treadwell models over reported front rack issues

Following the news of Rondo's recall due to reported issues with the front mudguard, a reader has been in touch to share communication from Cannondale regarding a recall of their Treadwell urban bike. As we understand it it's the Treadwell EQ models that feature a front rack that are affected; the email says: 

"We have received a few reports of issues with the bolts that attach the front rack installed on some Cannondale Treadwell bicycles that caused the rack to become detached from the bicycle and abruptly stop the front wheel, creating a fall and injury hazard.
"We have elected to conduct a recall of the rack in order to provide riders with a more robust attachment system, which will be installed at no cost by Cannondale dealers. We are working to finalise this improved attachment system and obtain required government approvals.
"In the meantime, Cannondale dealers should stop sale of the racks and all Cannondale dealers and riders should remove the rack from any Treadwell bicycles and save all rack parts for later re-attachment. If you have not already registered your bicycle for warranty and recalls, please do so now by downloading the Cannondale Mobile App and just spinning the front wheel to activate the built in Bluetooth wheel sensor and complete the registration, or register on the Cannondale Website. Once your bicycle has been registered, we will be able to contact you to complete the recall when we receive final government approvals.
"It is easy to remove the rack - instructions and a step by step video is available on the Cannondale Mobile App and on the Cannondale Website.
Once the rack is removed, you can keep riding your Treadwell – because nothing beats a bike ride. We’ll be in touch as soon as possible to get your rack safely re-attached."

15 July 2020, 11:42
15 July 2020, 10:38
Kingston cycle lane lamppost debacle: some background, and (hopefully) a solution

We've had a fair few comments on the site and social media about the unfortunate blockage on a Kingston cycle lane, not all of them glowing towards yours truly... and the good news is, the likelihood is that it probably won't stay like that for too long. 

In short, different contractors are responsible for installing the cycle lane and removing road furniture, and as mentioned by Kingston Cycling on 4th July, the former was a few stages ahead of the latter... 

The bad news is that it's still there, so we've contacted Kingston Council to find out when the lamppost is scheduled to be removed. You can find full details of the Kingston to Tolworth scheme - of which this cycle lane was part of - here

15 July 2020, 11:21
British Cycling extend TrainingPeaks partnership through to 2022
training peaks.jpg

British Cycling say TrainingPeaks has provided the GB Cycling Team and British Cycling members "with unrivalled analysis and support", and the extension will take the partnership up to a decade. Thanks to the deal, British Cycling members can access a library of 13 digital training plans on TrainingPeaks, two of which were designed specifically for training indoors during the pandemic. A discounted rate on more comprehensive access to the platform is also available to British Cycling members. 

15 July 2020, 08:45
Hunt for car tyre slasher turns into cyclist registration debate

West Ham footballer Michail Antonio posted footage of a rogue vandal slashing multiple car tyres yesterday, warning his followers to "keep an eye out". In the clip, the man wearing a blue rucksack cycles cycles up to a black Audi and appears to make a slashing motion to one of the rear tyres. He then rides over to a Mercedes G-Class and stabs a front tyre, which visibly deflates as he rides away. Antonio claims one of the cars targeted in Wapping, East London in the early hours of Tuesday morning was his, and is appealing for information. 

This has all somehow led a number of people over on Twitter advocating for the registration of cyclists...

In a world where cyclists needed to register and insure their vehicle, would someone going around slashing car tyres anonymously take the time to do this? We're going to guess 'no'... 

15 July 2020, 09:33
Rondo issue safety recall for Mutt AL and ST models due to 'potential safety issue' with front mudguard
2020 Rondo Mutt ST - head tube.jpg

The Polish brand have issued a voluntary safety recall of all 2020 Rondo Mutt AL and ST models, identifying a potential problem with the front mudguard. The statement says: 

"We have identified a potential safety issue. Overtime the front fender (mudguard) can become loose and bring the front wheel to a sudden stop. Due to this, the rider could fall and be seriously injured.

"Consumers should immediately stop using bicycles equipped with the original front fenders and contact the dealer that sold the bicycle. A new front fender that resolves the problem will be supplied within approximately 4 weeks of this announcement. The detailed information regarding replacement of this parts for each consumer is available and shall be provided by dealer.

"Please contact us via email info [at] or fb messenger if you have any questions. The detailed information regarding replacement of this parts for each consumer is available and shall be provided by dealer. Note that it is safe to ride the bicycle without the front fender.

"Your safety is our highest priority. We sincerely apologise for the situation, and would like to thank you for your support."

15 July 2020, 08:13
Brand new cycle lane has a slight lamppost-shaped flaw...
kingston cycle lane and lampost - credit John Rogers

Another image that would slot nicely into our 'Why don't cyclists use cycle lanes?' feature, this fail was captured by reader John this morning on a brand new cycle lane in Kingston upon Thames, Greater London. 

He said:  "It’s great to see the investment in cycling infrastructure, but did anyone think this one through?"

15 July 2020, 08:21
Superstrata - the "world’s first custom 3D-printed unibody carbon-fibre bike" - raises over £1 million on Indiegogo
Superstrata Terra - 1.jpg

We reported on the launch of this curious-looking bike on Monday, and already it's crowdfunded over £1.1 million - over 1000% more than Superstrata's original target. Will they be able to scale up deliver to backers? The Indiegogo campaign still has 29 days to go, so we'll be following this one with interest...

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