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Police force slammed for "cycle like you drive" advice; Is this Cav's next team?; AG2R splash the cash on Jungels' BMC Masterpiece; Alpe d'Huez...on a Brompton; Beefeater Bend is back (+Tour de France Queen Stage); Tour scenes + more on the live blog

Dragged out of bed following a day in the gruppetto, Dan Alexander is battling on into the final mountain stage of the week (from the comfort of Thursday's live blog, admittedly) ...
14 July 2022, 16:31
Until tomorrow

Enjoy pretending to be Tom Pidcock on your evening ride later. Catch all the results, GC implications and jersey holders from stage 12 of the Tour de France over on our news story... 

14 July 2022, 10:28
"Cycle like you drive"

Here we go again...

Merseyside Police, undeterred by the frosty reception it got last time, have pushed their "cycle like you drive" social media tag, this time to let the public hear they had reported two cyclists for running red lights...

Amusingly, as pointed out by hirsute in the comments under here, someone replied with this...

Oh, and don't forget these too...

Another reply said: "This tweet is hugely misguided and based on two false assumptions: 1) that all cyclists drive (they don't); 2) that all motorists drive safely, respectfully and within the law (they definitely don't). You are between implicit bias and downright prejudice and should know better." 

While another pointed out the ironic timing of cycle like you drive getting another airing...*checks notes*...three days after four Merseyside Police officers were hospitalised in a serious crash involving two police cars.

Cycle like you drive...

14 July 2022, 15:59
Pidcock Alpe d'Huez (GCN)

Well, well, well...

Without jinxing it Tom Pidcock is looking bloody good. 26 seconds clear of Louis Meintjes, Froome at 55...this is the stuff of legend...

In the peloton, Quintana, Vlasov and Gaudu have been dropped, meanwhile the Cofidis soigneur snuck a cheeky bottle to Romain Bardet. Allez Les Bleus...

14 July 2022, 15:37
Tom Pidcock casually sinks a three-pointer while climbing Alpe d'Huez...
14 July 2022, 15:22
This is a work event

Alpe d'Huez has been a hive of activity for a couple of days now...

Here's what will greet the riders shortly...get your bingo card ready: Dutch corner, Beefeater Bend, some knob with a flare, angry French police, a member of the gruppetto downing a beer, Sagan doing a wheelie...

The break: Chris Froome, Tom Pidcock, Giulio Ciccone, Louis Meintjes, Neilson Powless are less than 5km from the big one...get any last snacks and beverages at the ready...IT'S TIME!!!

14 July 2022, 07:48
Is this a clue about Cav’s next team?

Last night, Simon attended an event in London and did his best private investigator impression, leading us down a path of everything makes sense or wild speculation or both, perhaps? You decide for yourselves...

I'll hand you over to Simon...

If you're a long-term reader of, you'll know that we don't exactly go into the minutiae of who is going where during transfer season. But you'll also know that we keep a keen eye out for where certain riders may be headed when they are finding a new team.

And while he may no longer be the hottest property around, we know that many of you will be interested in where Mark Cavendish ends up next season, and whether he'll get a crack at that 35th stage win to move him ahead of Eddy Merckx.

Mark Cavendish, British road race championships 2022 (Alex Whitehead/

Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl boss Patrick Lefevre made it clear earlier this week that Cavendish – winner of the points jersey last year and four stages to draw him level with Merckx, but dropped this year for Fabio Jakobsen – no longer figures in the team's plans.

And much has been said and written about the British champion's future since then.
Did we get a glimpse of where that may lie last night? Well, perhaps.

Mark Cavendish Stage 10 Valence (via Eurosport/GCN)

We've had a few discussions in the office in the past fortnight about where he might end up, but most teams we think of has either an overall contender, or a sprinter on its roster for next year.

Bar one, and it was at a party to celebrate that team's participation in the Tour de France, and its women's team's upcoming debut at Le Tour Femmes, that we spotted Cav yesterday evening at an event held by kit supplier Rapha in partnership with Palace Skate.

Mark Cavendish Rapha (copyright Simon MacMichael)

Few team bosses are as shrewd business-wise as EF Education-EasyPost's Jonathan Vaughters, and with a stage victory and polka dot shine from Magnus Cort, the US-registered team is having a great Tour.

So, seeing Cavendish yesterday evening at a function hosted by Rapha, the team's kit supplier, has got our thinking caps a bit overheated, perhaps – though bear in mind that our collective brains at have been overloading the past couple of weeks about where he might end up.

But think about it. A team that even 12 months from now may not have a top-3 GC contender, but which understands the PR value to sponsors that would come from Cavendish winning just one stage of next year's race?

Perhaps we're reading too much into him being present last night at an event hosted by the company that supplies the team's kit.

But could we also be looking at smoke and correctly finding the seat of the fire?
One thing we do know is that we'd love to see him ride next year's Tour de France … and to grab that record-breaking 35th stage win.

What do you reckon? Would you like to see Cav is EF pink next July?

14 July 2022, 14:47
New Forest drivers urged to obey speed limit to avoid collisions with cyclists and animals
Sportive riders and donkeys in the New Forest (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 licenced by iNew Forest:Flickr)

​CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 licenced by iNew Forest:Flickr

Police in Hampshire have outlined advice to New Forest visitors driving to the area over the summer, and urged motorists to obey speed limits to avoid collisions with animals or cyclists.

Hampshire Live reports the county's constabulary has asked drivers to stick to the 40mph speed limit on all New Forest A-roads, while the park's website says: "Driver complacency has slowly crept back and although animal deaths stay significantly lower than before, the numbers are rising once again as drivers ignore a speed limit that isn’t easy to police throughout the whole of the New Forest."

Police told drivers to "expect to see animals on or near the road, pass slow and wide only when it is safe, and to stop and wait if needed" and "pass cyclists and walkers slow and wide when it is safe".

14 July 2022, 12:55
Chris Froome's on the attack (with Tom Pidcock)

How good a sight is this?

Chris Froome back at the pointy end of the Tour de France, attempting to bridge across to the breakaway on stage 12 with Tom Pidcock. Two generations of British talent meeting on an epic Alpine day...

Oh, Twitter's back too...

14 July 2022, 11:55
Introducing your future stage winner

Vamos! Nairoman to win the stage, Bardet second, both two minutes clear of Vingegaard and Pog... make it happen... 

14 July 2022, 11:21
The plot thickens
Live blog comment

Well that's pretty much confirmed then...

14 July 2022, 10:49
AG2R splash the cash on Jungels' BMC Masterpiece

A stage win for AG2R Citroën Team on Bastille Day up Alpe d'Huez would just about be as big as it gets for the French team, so no surprises to see them pulling out all the stops to get stage nine winner Bob Jungels the best ride possible...

The Masterpiece, BMC's most exclusive bike, comes in at £8,965 for JUST the frameset, so chuck in Campag's priciest wheels, a top-of-the-range groupset and all the best finishing kit money can buy and we reckon this could be close to £20,000. No pressure, Bob...

> Bike at Bedtime: check out the BMC Masterpiece

A reminder what BMC claimed about their masterpiece Masterpiece: "Driven only by perfection, each module is brought to life by the hands of the world's leading carbon fibre artisans. This unequalled fidelity allows each Masterpiece frame to emerge from its mould wanting for nothing, each perfect at birth, surfaces flawless, seams accurate."

Stop sniggering...I wonder if we could pay Magnus Cort for a review?

14 July 2022, 10:20
The clue's in the flags, David

10/10 comedy value for asking the man wearing 20+ Norwegian flags, stood at a bend swimming in the red, blue and white, where he's from...

It took a while, one hour 33 minutes to be precise, but Ned and David made it up today's Bastille Day summit finish on their Bromptons. The real challenge would be going back down...

14 July 2022, 10:04
Cycling UK welcomes Welsh 20mph speed limit
20mph sign (CC licensed by EdinburghGreens via Flickr)

The move by the Welsh Government demonstrates a continued commitment towards safer streets and more liveable neighbourhoods, which Cycling UK hopes is a bellwether for a wider national shift across the UK.

The Senedd has voted in favour of a default 20mph speed limit on restricted roads, typically residential and built-up areas with high pedestrian activity.  The introduction of the new limit will transform road safety for more vulnerable road user groups, as evidence clearly shows reducing speed limits is one of the simplest and most effective ways to reduce road casualties. 

> Wales set to reduce default speed limit to 20mph in residential areas 

14 July 2022, 08:59
Yes, people are blaming Pogačar's disc brakes

It's time...

The calculations came out...

Our tech team is absolutely delighted to be taking an in-depth look at this as we speak... 

14 July 2022, 08:39
Beefeater Bend is back

They're on their way...

Although there might be some sore heads... 

14 July 2022, 08:30
Climbing Alpe d'Huez... on a Brompton

Thoughts and prayers with Ned Boulting and, slightly less so considering his pro cyclist genetics, David Millar... it's 24°C at the minute and will be 27°C in an hour... better get climbing, chaps.

Reminds us of that 'challenge' a few years back when people tried to hire a Santander bike from London, drive to Alpe d'Huez, climb the famous mountain and drive back in time to avoid the penalty charge for not returning the ride within 24 hours...

> Video: Taking on Alpe d'Huez on a Santander Cycles hire bike

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