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Brexit Party politician rails against “constant reduction in speed” as Senedd backs default 20mph speed limit in residential areas

Report says even a 1% reduction in speed is likely to result in 6% drop in casualties

A Brexit Party politician has said that the only way to prevent road casualties would be "for us all to return to walking" as the Senedd backed plans to make 20mph the default speed limits in residential areas in Wales.

The BBC reports that a report commissioned by the Welsh Government has recommended that 20mph replace 30mph as the default residential area speed limit and the Welsh Government now plans to implement the change by 2023.

However, South Wales East Senedd member David Rowlands, from the Brexit Party, railed against the decision – and seemingly also against the very idea that it is worth reducing road casualties.

After suggesting that the only way in which injuries and deaths on the roads could be eliminated would be "for us all to return to walking," Rowlands facetiously floated the idea of drastically reducing the limit on motorways.

"This constant reduction in speed could be applied to our motorways,” he said. “A 30mph speed limit on these would save far more lives."

Deputy transport minister Lee Waters said that 80 children were killed or seriously injured on Welsh roads during the last year for which figures were available.

Referring to the findings of the report, he said: "Even a 1% drop in average speeds is likely to bring about a 6% drop in casualties."

He concluded: "Whilst we have made progress on reducing deaths on our roads in the 21 years of devolution, despite our considerable efforts there are still 4,000 accidents which result in injuries every year in Wales.

"The evidence is clear, reducing speeds reduces accidents, reducing speed saves lives and slower speeds in our communities improves quality of life."

Plaid Cymru's Sian Gwenllian, Senedd member for Arfon, said that enforcement would be key and called for more to be done.

"The question of enforcement is an important one and is one that needs to be addressed,” she said.

"At the moment, the 20mph speed limits aren't being implemented in a proactive manner, if truth be told."

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