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Bee flies inside man's bicycle helmet causing him to crash

Although it is unusual, it is not the first time we've reported on bee related accidents ...

A U.S cyclist was taken to hospital after he crashed when a bee flew inside his bicycle helmet and began stinging him.

The 73-year-old was cycling in Omaha, Nebraksa when the incident happened.  

He was riding along Highway 36 in northern Douglas County at around 09:30am in the morning when the bee started to sting him, News Channel Nebraska report

He lost control of his bike as a result but fortunately crashed off the side of the road rather than in front of a vehicle. 

Several people stopped to help the man while others directed traffic.

He was eventually taken to hospital with an injured shoulder and a dent in his helmet. 

Earlier this year in Spain, a cyclist tragically died after swallowing a bee mid ride. 

> Cyclist dies after swallowing bee 

His friends called paramedics who tried to help but were sadly unable to save the rider, despite making a number of efforts to resuscitate him.

> Video: Ouch! Mountain bikers attacked by swarm of bees

Bees can also be attracted by human sweat, and in 2017 we reported on how four mountain bikers taking part in a race near Granada in Spain's Andalucia region needed hospital treatment after they were attacked by a swarm of bees, with one of the riders stung 80 times, with the incident caught on video.

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