Damp shoes? Dry them out with these neat electrical heaters

If you’re determined enough to ride in any conditions this winter, and in particular when it’s raining and the roads are wet, you’re going to have to deal with the consequences: wet shoes.

But drying your shoes after a ride can be a real problem, especially if you’ve got to commute home in the evening and you're hoping your will have dried out before you have to put them back on. My favourite trick is remove the inner soles and stuff the shoes hemwith newspaper, and then leave on the radiator over night... which is fine if you’re at home, but not so practical in the office.

So we stumbled across a smarter solution the other day: Sidas Drywarmers. They look like the perfect solution for anyone looking for a quick, easy and clean way to dry shoes.

Two inserts slide into the shoes and with the flick of a switch power up to a warm 50 degrees. This should be adequate to quickly dry out even the most sodden shoes without melting anything. The two units also feature a small UV lamp which Sidas reckon kills an odour-producing bacteria lurking inside the shoes, so they don’t stink as they dry out. The two inserts are linked to a single plug.

They cost £25 a pair. While that might sound a lot, what price can you put on dry shoes?


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