Sufferfest beerfest Olympic protest heads to London

Sufferlandria not recognised by IOC as a country; beer to be drunk in 'protest' on 2 August...

The chaps at The Sufferfest have failed in their bid to get Sufferlandria recognised by the IOC as a country, and hence won't be sending any synchronised swimmers or rhythmic gymnasts to the Games. In protest at the ruling, they're holding a protest event, although if you replace the word 'protest' with the word 'drinking' you'll probably be closer to the truth.

Anyway, if you're anywhere near The Magpie, 12 New St, London EC2M 4TP on the evening of Thursday, August 2 (5-8pm) then drop in for a couple of jars; the Sufferfest are paying for the beers until seven. If you bring your Eventbrite ticket you get free stickers and can win stuff too!

Here's their own words about the event...

"Good news! The Sufferlandrian Olympic Team is going to London for the 2012 Olympics. Bad news! Unfortuantely, the International Olympic Commitee has refused to recognise Sufferlandria as a proper country. So, we're having a protest party at the Magpie pub.

"All Sufferlandrians and friends of Sufferlandria are welcome. We're paying for the beer from five to seven, so do come along. Everyone who arrives with their Eventbrite ticket will get a set of Sufferfest stickers and stand a chance to win one of a few National Flags, National Team Jerseys and t-shirts we'll give away.

We hope you can join us. It really would be great to meet you. And to plan how to get Sufferlandria recognised in time for Rio 2016."

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