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Schwalbe to sponsor London Nocturne Longest Skid Competition?

Longest Skid Competition ultimate test for urban rubber

11th June sees the return for the 3rd year of the Fixed Gear Longest Skid competition at the IG Markets London Nocturne. Tyre brand Schwalbe will be sponsoring the popular event.

Riders will lock up back wheels along the finish straight of the Nocturne circuit, with some skids measuring in excess of 100m. Last year’s winning distance was 130m, but organisers are hoping for bigger and better still this time around.

“The quality of the skids last year was incredible” commented Event Director James Pope. “We saw less crashes and longer distances so we hope riders will go even further this year. The competition involves incredible balance and technique so we are looking forward to capturing this unique event on TV.” 
Schwalbe’s Tim Ward said:
“The Fixed Gear Longest Skid is the ultimate test of a rider’s tyres so we are excited to be involved in the 2011 London Nocturne. Our Durano Skid tyre has been specifically designed for Fixed Gear riding and can withstand real "abuse" - braking by locking the rear wheel - for a much longer time.”
Entry is now open, and free, for the Schwalbe Fixed Gear Longest Skid competition with the prize for the longest skid being a new pair of Durano Skid tyres  

Lara has been riding bikes for longer than she'd care to admit, and writing about them nearly as long. Since 2009 she has been working as part of the review team whilst championing women's cycling on the side, most notably via two years as editor of the, sadly now defunct, UK's first and only women's cycling mag, erm, Women's Cycling. 

Believing fervently that cycling will save the world, she wishes that more people would just ride a bike and be pleasant to each other. 

She will ride anything with two wheels, occasionally likes to go fast, definitely likes to go far and is always up for a bit of exploring somewhere new and exciting. 

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