Live blog: Boss defends NYPD officer who knocked cyclist off then told him it was “for your safety”; Yellow jersey confusion for Giulio Ciccone + more

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12 July 2019, 16:09
Last kilometre. Not exactly a huge margin of victory...
12 July 2019, 15:39
Not entirely surprisingly, the escapees didn't make it

Long day for the two of them.

12 July 2019, 15:36
Passers-by lift car off trapped cyclist

Plymouth Live reports that passers-by lifted a car off an injured cyclist yesterday morning.

A spokesman for Devon and Cornwall Police said: "Police and ambulance were called at 7.35am today, July 11,  following a collision between a car and a cyclist on Glenfield Road/Plymbridge Road, Plymouth.

"The male cyclist has sustained shoulder and chest injuries – severity not yet known. He has been taken to Derriford Hospital.

"The cyclist was initially trapped under the car. The vehicle was lifted off the man by members of the public.”

12 July 2019, 15:27
Lark Lane Co-op (via StreetView)
"I'm nicking your bike mate," says bike thief (entirely accurately)

The Liverpool Echo reports on an unusually upfront bike theft. Asked what he was doing by the victim after being caught in the act, the man raised his middle finger and said, “I’m nicking your bike mate,” before riding off down the road doing a wheelie.

The incident occurred outside a Co-op on Lark Lane in Liverpool at 3.55pm yesterday afternoon.

A spokesman for Merseyside Police, said: "We can confirm that an investigation is underway following the theft of a bicycle in Aigburth yesterday, Thursday 11 July.

"At 3.55pm, officers were called to Lark Lane to reports of a mountain bike being stolen from inside the Co-Op convenience store when an unknown person stole it.

"The suspect is described as white, 17-21 years old, 5ft 10in, of skinny build, short brown hair and wearing an orange t-shirt and green tracksuit bottoms. He made off on the bike in the direction of Sefton Park."

CCTV and witness enquiries are ongoing and anyone with information or who witnessed the incident can contact @MerPolCC, call 101 with reference 19100372674 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

12 July 2019, 15:03
Police officer lecture (via Twitter video)
Police commissioner defends NYPD officer

Regarding the story below about the New York police officer who knocked a cyclist off and then told him he did it for his own safety, Police Commissioner James O’Neill has now said that officers have the discretion to use their police vehicle to cut off a cyclist.

“NYPD officers have to use their best judgment,” he told Streets Blog NYC. “It’s not always easy to make the best decision possible when the situations are ongoing.

“Like I said before, these are very difficult jobs. It’s up to the individual officer to make that decision. Do we want them to use force? No. We want cyclists to comply.”

He added: “I understand that there is a difference between a 3,000 pound vehicle versus a 20- to 30-pound bike but there is an onus on everyone involved to operate whatever they’re driving and riding responsibly.”

12 July 2019, 14:34
Land art!
12 July 2019, 14:27
Will Norman and Cllr Clyde Loakes at a cycle parking hub in Walthamstow (TfL)
London’s going to get £2.5m worth of bike parking

Plan includes improved parking outside 10 stations in the next 12 months plus 1,400 new spaces in residential areas.

Full story here.

12 July 2019, 14:20
Difficult to unsee...

Team Ineos awkwardly dancing to techno while seated, everyone. Still, nowhere near as cringe-inducing as Astana's excruciating Cycling Rap...

12 July 2019, 12:21
“I am going to use whatever means necessary to stop you. And that is for your safety”

Streets Blog NYC reports that an NYPD officer used his SUV squad car to stop a Citi Bike rider who went through red lights with headphones on.

The Citi Bike ended up jammed inside the squad car’s rear wheel arch.

The officer responsible said the move was because the NYPD “vigorously supports Vision Zero” – which is the city’s big thing about protecting vulnerable road users.

“I put out my hand for you to stop,” he told the cyclist. “You acknowledged me, but continued to keep going.

“I yelled out, ‘Stop,’ and you looked back at me and continued to keep going.

“Then, we entered the car to stop you after viewing what I believe to be reckless activity: going through red lights, wearing two earphones.

“I followed you down St Marks Place and then you run another red light.

“Then I go over the loudspeaker and say, ‘Bicyclist, stop!’ Again, you look over and acknowledge and continue to keep going.

“Now, at this point, you’re forcibly stopped. Because now you’re riding recklessly, and you’re refusing to stop after multiple lawful orders that you acknowledged. So I am going to use whatever means necessary to stop you, OK? And that’s for your safety.”

12 July 2019, 11:47
Dave Sherry (Good Morning Britain)
Helmet cam cyclist Dave Sherry says he reports 70 drivers a week

He was on a Good Morning Britain segment asking “should cyclists shop motorists?”

Full story here.

12 July 2019, 10:34
Yellow helmet for someone special today

As has become almost boringly common in the Tour de France, new race leader Giulio Ciccone has got some yellow tat to match his yellow jersey. Here's a question for you, when did this trend for yellow parts begin?


Yellow @ridebontrager Velocis for the team today.

A post shared by Matt S (@mpshriver) on

12 July 2019, 09:59
They're underway

230km and - as it stands - a two-man break...

12 July 2019, 09:39
Andre Greipel's cyclo-cross finish yesterday
12 July 2019, 09:17
Attention Brighton cyclists
12 July 2019, 08:49
No gravel bikes for La Planche des Belles Filles, but Lightweight wheels for Team Ineos

The first tough mountain stage of this year’s Tour de France culminated with the ascent of La Planche des Belles Filles, a super steep climb with 900m of gravel track at the summit.


The expectation of riders switching to gravel bikes for this stage proved unfounded - the gravel track resembled smooth dirt - with all riders appeared to stick with regular bikes, instead, the 22% gradient proved the biggest challenge. As such the most obvious change was shallower carbon wheels with regular 25-26mm tyres, and Team Ineos using their Lightweight wheels that we scooped last weekend.

12 July 2019, 07:57
Today's stage

Longest of the race and, other thanthat, possibly also a candidate for least remarkable.

12 July 2019, 07:54
The ITV commentators raced up La Planche des Belles Filles

But they ran it, so this video can't get a mention in the headline.

It was for Ned Boulting's 50th. Happy birthday, Ned.

12 July 2019, 07:51
"No, sorry mate, you are the second"

New Tour de France race leader Giulio Ciccone gives an effervescent account of how he thought he was race leader, then thought he wasn't, then found out he was.

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