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Live blog: Cyclists aren’t the “Scourge Of The Streets” says Chris Boardman ahead of tonight’s Channel 5 documentary – they’re people’s family members; Grayson Perry’s blinging bike; TdF latest + more

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09 July 2019, 18:16
Cyclist's aren't the 'Scourge of the Streets' - they're people's family, says Chris Boardman

Chris Boardman, the world and Olympic gold medal winning cyclist turned cycling campaigner, has said ahead of tonight's Channel 5 documentary that cyclist's aren't the "Scourge Of The Streets" - a reference to the programme's title - but members of people's families.

Boardman  who remains a policy advisor to British Cycling in addition to his principal role as Greater Manchester's cycling and walking commissioner, was speaking in a short film for the governing body ahead of the programme, which airs at 9.15 this evening.

09 July 2019, 15:40
Chateau, Ellie!
09 July 2019, 15:35
Viviani wins stage 4 photo finish

It's two in a row for Deceuninck–Quick-Step, as Elia Viviani beats Alexander Kristoff and Caleb Ewan to the line with Peter Sagan finishing fourth - full story on the site coming soon. 

09 July 2019, 14:18
Tour stage 4 latest: Frederik Backaert wins intermediate sprint, Viviani picks up points, drunk people in a paddling pool

Backaert was first over the line out of the breakaway, and from the peloton Elia Viviani was the best of the rest ahead of Sonny Colbrelli and Peter Sagan. And these people found a more refreshing way to watch the action...  

09 July 2019, 12:30
Lauf Gritfest video

Find more like this over on our sister site

09 July 2019, 12:11
That's an amazing front light on Grayson Perry's bike ...
09 July 2019, 11:43
Graham Obree* joins the TdF peloton

*Probably not Obree

09 July 2019, 11:05
Arkea Samsic's dangerous socks

What do you reckon, do these Ekoi socks worn by Arkea Samsic meet the UCI's rules? As we all know by now, socks must not extend higher than the halfway point between the ankle and the knee. These boys are living life on the edge.

Tour de France 2019 Arkea Samsic socks - 1
09 July 2019, 09:48
Quick-Step confirm Kasper Asgreen is fit and ready for stage 4 after yesterday's crash

Thankfully Asgreen came off far better than his bike, which was literally cut in two after he crashed deep into yesterday's stage. He went to hospital after gingerly crossing the line but has been given the all-clear to continue today. 

09 July 2019, 10:25
The never-ending podium handshake

Canyon-SRAM's Kasia Niewiadom found herself locked in a seemingly infinite handshake as she collected the Maglia Rosa yesterday, in a test of endurance on a par with the 100km stage she'd just completed. A captivatingly akward watch... 

09 July 2019, 09:58
Tim Wellens' Tasty KoM Bike

We suspect that Ridley had this frame ready before the Tour because overnight, PolkaDot Jersey wearer Tim Wellens magically got a new bike with a fancy new paint job.

It probably wasn't magic pixies that built it up though, more like one of these tired Belgian mechanics!

09 July 2019, 10:04
Brad on a bike: Cav approves
09 July 2019, 07:49
9-year-old crashes less than 1km into a 100km charity bike ride due to "disgustingly repaired" pothole
pothole 1

Bailey Bocutt embarked on the ride with his mum, granddad and members of the EG Cycling Club to raise funds for cancer charities, inspired to make a difference after seeing his cousin battling Leukaemia. 

Less than 1km from starting, however, Bailey hit a large pothole (above) on the A22 near East Grinstead, which according to his mother was "A disgustingly poorly repaired patch that had collapsed." 

Bailey was taken to hospital and kept overnight due to the extent of his injuries, but a family friend told that he is now recovering at home. He received a message of support from Sir Chris Hoy yesterday, and is determined to get back on the bike to complete the ride at a later date. Bailey has already raised over £8,000 for Children with Cancer, Cancer Research and the Royal Marsden, the fundraising page is here

09 July 2019, 07:46
So much going on in one photo...

Epic tan lines, an empty takeaway carton, some suspect art on the wall, and who knows what's going on to right of G's bedside!

09 July 2019, 07:43
Alex Dowsett's winning Tour de France Twitter so far

Dowsett always has an amusing anecdote or two to share, and this one is regarding his previous criticism of an interviewer who asked if time trials should be banned because Chris Froome had an accident on a time trial bike. Some sensible suggestions here...

09 July 2019, 07:40
"Scraping the bottom of the barrel"

This 'documentary', which has been called "45 minutes of hatred" by journalist Peter Walker, airs tonight unfortunately...

09 July 2019, 07:39
We feel your pain Chris...

Ever tried boarding a Great Western train from Bristol without a reservation booked about a year in advance? Never ends well!  

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burtthebike | 4 years ago
Gary's bike channel | 4 years ago

that wasnt as bad as i thought it was going to be. Still showed some ignorant morons out there still think cycle paths are compulsory though. Dave sherry made me laugh, as im similar to him. I'm probably as qualified as he is, allbeit i drive trucks, not buses. Go on davey!     The old guy in the big red truck saying he couldnt get past the cyclists on box hill, may i ask, would he not be able to pass if he rode a motorbike, the other single occupant transport vehicle? A big red nissan truck is for hauling two to three people and a load of chopped trees, not for a whiney old man to move around by himself in. I'd have got past all of those bikes easily on my motorbikes, cos i chose the right vehicle to overtake other people, not a car....using a car to try and get around other people is like walking into a lift whilst chronically obese, then having a shout at the underweight toddlers in the lift with you when you realise you can't get out without hitting them. You are too fat and wide, thus have chosen the wrong vehicle[ or weight and width, in this example]. The bike lane cabby- the bike lanes are empty because most people are at work, yes? That tends to be what people do...  the road is full up because thats just how it is, full. The roads without cycle lanes are full up and stop moving too. You never seen a motorway come to a standstill? Thats the cycle lanes fault is it? Oh yes, they dont have cycle lanes, so you got nobody to complain about. I think next time i ride my motorbikes and i come across single occupants in cars in traffic jams im going to point at the bus stop signs and inform them they must be on the bus as the law says they have to be, the council spent a lot of money for these bus services so why dont you use them instead of slowing down bikes? 

HoarseMann replied to Gary's bike channel | 4 years ago

gaz rides wrote:

 im going to point at the bus stop signs and inform them they must be on the bus as the law says they have to be, the council spent a lot of money for these bus services so why dont you use them instead of slowing down bikes? 

Pensioners too. They get FREE bus passes, provided at GREAT expense by the government, how dare they choose to drive a car the ungrateful bunch?!

grumpyoldcyclist | 4 years ago

My thanks to his holiness, Lord Sir Chris Boardman for that short piece re cyclists and their place on the streets. In a few short moments he puts everything into context and gives me (some) hope for the future of transport in this country.

A V Lowe | 4 years ago

The damage is that the road subgrade has washed away underneath the patch - for some time by look of (limited) picture.  This would have been a visible defect for months.

Without the context of a good picture of the whole road can't comment any further

peted76 | 4 years ago
1 like

Just when the world thought that there could be no tan worse than a cyclists tan... the Lotto Soudal mechanics appear from the back of the truck.

Rick_Rude | 4 years ago

Jesus. I hope he can sue the council for that. That's a terrible bit of damage.

Capercaillie | 4 years ago

Hope you get back on your bike soon Bailey!

I wish councils would at least do some spot checks on the work of their contractors and subcontractors road repairs.

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