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Video: Eurobike faves - Penny Farthings

It's not all new new bikes at Eurobike there's some new old bikes too

Oh all right, ordinary's then. Anyway while Eurobike is mainly about new bikes, they don't have to be new new bikes they can be new old bikes, or new weird bikes and indeed new wonderful bikes - as well as being 'new' the other common denominator that all the bikes share is that there's an outside chance that someone might want to buy one. Some of the bikes on show fall in to more than one category. We'll leave you to decide which bits of the Eurobike venn diagram these babies belong in.


I'd have to say I'm not sad that we didn't get to give 'em a spin around the Eurobike car park, but even so they are lovely. My best guess is that they are either German, or more likely Czech, at previous editions of Eurobike a small outfit from the Czech Republic have showed off some wonderful handbuild high wheelers quite often in colours other than black - Josef Mesicek is the name of the chap - in fact looking at the still of the bike that's the Kool Stop stand and they distribute Mesicek's bikes so it's pretty much a cert that these are his and his son Zedenek's handiwork. Impressive.

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