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Live blog: ‘What makes cyclists angry?’ asks study… (go on, guess); A day at the eRaces; Cyclists, human beings? Janet Street Porter wades in; Cav can "definitely" break Tour de France stage win record says Eisel; Why e-bikes are great + more

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28 March 2019, 16:09
Cyclist riding through pedestrian area - image via Graeme Paterson on Flickr.jpg
As Bedford decides whether to renew PSPO, campaigners argue it has reduced the number of people cycling into town

Number of fines has risen six-fold since enforcement was contracted out to a private firm.

Full story here.

28 March 2019, 17:26
British Cycling Zwift eRacing National Championships
British Cycling Zwift eRacing Championships - have we just seen the future of bike racing?

Few people enjoying the sunshine in London’s sprawling Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park this afternoon would have been aware that they were close to a sporting first – as British Cycling held its first-ever eRacing National Championship in partnership with Zwift and Wahoo.

10 men and 10 women are fighting it out to be crowned the inaugural national champions today – the third and final races will be broadcast live tonight by BT Sport from 8pm from their studios in East London.

We’ve been lucky enough to be down there today, and BT Sport have pulled all the stops out – the riders are arrayed, horseshoe fashion, in a huge studio and it has been fascinating to watch the production process.

Of course, virtual cycling will never take the place of the real deal on the road, but with eSports attracting some huge audiences both online and in arenas, we may have just got a glimpse of a new discipline emerging.

It’s the first time in any country that virtual cycling has had this kind of platform. It’s also a bit bizarre, though to see riders you know from the UK elite racing scene battle it out on turbo trainers – and with an absolutely HUGE screen showing their Zwift avatars behind.

One thing’s for sure. Zwift will never look the same on a laptop again.

28 March 2019, 15:39
These were the last two in the men's elimination race


Elimination race mens
28 March 2019, 15:15
This is what the British Cycling Zwift eRacing Championships look like
Elimination race


28 March 2019, 14:29
London traffic jam (licensed CC BY 2.0 by Garry Knight on Flickr)
Self-driving cars could exacerbate congestion and result in fewer people walking and cycling, warns new DfT report

Report says walking and cycling “must remain the best options for short urban journeys.”

Full story here.

28 March 2019, 12:04
Cape Town road rage YouTube still
‘What makes cyclists angry?’ asks study

“Interactions with cars” mostly

A recent study administered the Cycling Anger Scale (CAS) to a sample of 636 active cyclists (who regularly ride on-road) in a bid to understand the situations that provoke the most anger in cyclists, and whether this anger differed according to how comfortable they were with cycling.

Researchers identified four different situations that provoke anger in cyclists.

  1. Interactions with cars
  2. Interactions with pedestrians
  3. Interactions with other cyclists
  4. Police presence

The least anger provoking situations involved interactions with police. The most anger provoking situations involved interactions with cars.

The study said: “This is likely to be due to the higher level of danger associated with collisions with motor vehicles for cyclists.”

Anger also differed according to levels of cycling confidence. Those with higher levels of confidence generally reported lower levels of anger – particularly when interacting with cars and other cyclists.

In contrast, a 2017 study of driver anger at cyclists found that it is often borne of ignorance of the law.

28 March 2019, 11:45
Yet another reason why e-bikes are great
28 March 2019, 11:33
Merckx in the making...
28 March 2019, 11:31
Jonny Bellis - Flickr CC - Ewan McDowall
Jonny Bellis suspended as Drops sporting director after assaulting his girlfriend

Court hears that 2009 brain injury triggers aggression when he drinks alcohol.

Full story here.

28 March 2019, 08:46
Janet Street-Porter at Victoria Station (CC licensed by Jem Stone via Flickr).jpg
Janet Street-Porter responds to the study that found more than half of drivers don’t view people on bikes as being completely human

There's no real need to link to the article. The headline reads "If cyclists don't want to be 'dehumanised' they could start by behaving like decent human beings" and you can pretty much auto-complete the rest of the piece.

We've covered Street-Porter's views on cycling before. She believes that cyclists want all other forms of transport ‘eradicated’ and once said that “cyclists and their powerful backers are destroying London for the rest of us.”

28 March 2019, 08:40
Mark Cavendish Tour de France stage wins by year


Up until 2011, he was with T-Mobile/HTC; in 2012 he was with Team Sky; from 2013 to 2015 he was Quick Step; and he’s been with Dimension Data since then.

28 March 2019, 08:32
A reminder that today’s British Cycling Zwift eRacing Championships will be broadcast live on BT Sport today

Both the afternoon and evening sessions will be livestreamed on British Cycling’s Facebook page and website. The evening races will be live on BT Sport.

Full schedule and other info here.

28 March 2019, 08:22
Mark Cavendish in Dimension Data 2017 kit (picture credit Scott Mitchell).jpg
Cavendish can "definitely" break the record for Tour de France stage wins says Bernie Eisel

At the start of the season, Mark Cavendish said he was starting to feel strong after two seasons where he felt he was, “in races, but not racing,” as a result of Epstein Barr Virus.

However, he withdrew from Paris-Nice earlier this month and Dimension Data say they don’t know when he’s going to race next.

Cavendish is currently four short of Eddy Merckx's all-time record of 34 Tour de France stage wins. It seems a way off, but his long-time team-mate and friend Bernie Eisel says he can “definitely” still get there.

Speaking to the BBC, Eisel said: "The record is what drives him and why he is still in the sport.

"If we look back, he has won probably 150 races and 30 stages in the Tour, [he is] a world champion on the track, on the road, and pretty much won a stage on every tour out there and won one-day races.

"He doesn't have to do it any more, but he is chasing that record. Of course, that creates a lot of pressure but he is dealing with it."

He added: "I think if we look back at Cav, he has been doing it for almost 15 years, in different teams, different line-ups.

"I think together with [Dimension Data team-mate] Mark Renshaw, they are the best lead-out man and best sprinter together."

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