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Live blog: UCI to extend use of video replays to 11 more one-day races; Victoria Pendleton supports Auto Trader's #SwearToChange campaign - Twitter responds; No Rás in 2019? + Satire, inappropriate parking + more

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04 February 2019, 16:41
Near miss
Near Miss of the Day 248: Cement truck driver sees no reason not to pass
04 February 2019, 15:57
Sagan Cavendish TdF 2017 Stage 4 crash.JPG
UCI to extend use of video replays to 11 more one-day races

After Peter Sagan was disqualified from the 2017 Tour de France, the race judge responsible for the decision called for commissaires dedicated to examining video footage of sprint finishes.

The UCI management committee duly approved the use of video at the three Grand Tours as well as the five Monuments and road world championships for last season.

This will now be extended to 11 more one-day races:

  • Omloop Het Nieuwsblad Elite
  • Kuurne-Bruxelles-Kuurne
  • Strade Bianche
  • Driedaagse Brugge de Panne
  • E3 BinckBank Classic
  • Gent-Wevelgem
  • Dwars door Vlaanderen
  • Scheldeprijs
  • De Brabantse Pijl
  • Amstel Gold Race
  • La Flèche Wallonne
04 February 2019, 15:11
Justice (Lonpicman, Wikimedia Commons)
Dangerous driver who killed cyclist feigned brain injury in failed bid to avoid jail term

Mohammed Munir was convicted of causing death by dangerous driving and perverting the course of justice.

More here.

04 February 2019, 14:20
Team SKY Turbo Copywrite Team SKY
Turbo trainers of the pros – What turbos do pro team use for indoor training?

That was one of the big questions of the weekend (well, it was in these parts) and Liam Cahill sought to answer it. The sponsored turbo trainer is a relatively new phenomenon but it looks like it's here to stay - and it's not all Elite and Tacx either. Find our more here

04 February 2019, 13:34
Victoria Pendleton supports Auto Trader's #SwearToChange campaign (and the comments on Twitter show how far away we are from that happening)

The record-breaking Olympic track cyclist-turned jockey has voiced her support for Auto Trader's road safety campaign calling for respect amongst all vehicle users on the roads... and the comments section proves exactly why that isn't currently the case, with numerous complaining of poor conduct they encounter from cyclists and likewise, cyclists reminding drivers that they have a heightened responsibility on the roads. Where does it end? 

#SwearToChange drew criticism from cyclists as free high visibility clothing was given out to as part of the campaign, which some perceived as a victim-blaming mentality; however Auto Trader responded to to say they have had a positive response to the campaign, and the aim was to spark debate amongst road users to see what they would like to see change for the better on Britain's roads. A spokesman said: “The purpose of the #SwearToChange campaign is to spark debate and give a platform to all different types of road users on what they would like to see change on UK roads. The campaign is to encourage a change in attitudes and behaviours with drivers as much as other road users.

“Over the last week we’ve received a great response from the cycling communities on social media, with a huge array of suggestions on what changes and actions could be taken to improve consideration and safety for cyclists. This is exactly the contribution we need to make this debate as open and constructive as possible for all road users and we hope #SwearToChange will continue to enable this.”


04 February 2019, 11:59
Levenshulme Bee Network
Levenshulme bidding to become Manchester's first 'Mini Holland'

A one-mile area would be redeveloped to encourage cycling and walking..

More here.

04 February 2019, 11:53
Well at least it's not parked in the bike lane...

A 'tank' parked on a pavement has made this Manchester councillor cantankerous... although as a helpful/pedantic gentleman pointed out in the comments, it's actually an FV432 armoured personnel carrier thank you very much...

04 February 2019, 11:03

Credit unknown!

04 February 2019, 10:42
Totally rad(iator)

This bike is certainly hot to trot...

04 February 2019, 09:29
ICYMI - snow day!

We took advantage of the all-too-short-lived snow to have a go on the reTyre zip-on studded tyres. Here are our non-scientific findings...


04 February 2019, 08:16
Ras logo
No Ras in 2019?

The Rás Tailteann has taken place every year since 1953, but has been without a title sponsor since An Post in 2017. (The website actually bills it as “Rás Tailteann – formerly the An Post Rás.”) reports that organisers are set to announce that it won’t take place this year.

"It would be an absolutely massive loss for the whole Irish scene and it might be something that it might not recover from. It just needs one gap in the calendar and it could be gone," said former national champion Damien Shaw, who was the leading Irish rider in the 2018 edition. "You'd be talking about taking a massive chunk out of the Irish calendar, if the Rás wasn't there."

04 February 2019, 08:58
This is, obviously, satire
04 February 2019, 08:20
Indoor training partner

Alex has written for more cricket publications than the rest of the team combined. Despite the apparent evidence of this picture, he doesn't especially like cake.

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Awavey | 5 years ago
1 like

At least on Instagram, Victoria's newly shared support for the Auto Trader campaign has to be highlighted as a paid partnership

FluffyKittenofT... | 5 years ago

...Maybe swearing more loudly would help?  In the spirit of the campaign I'm willing to give it a try.

FluffyKittenofT... | 5 years ago
1 like

I don't think SweartoChange will work.  I find myself swearing quite a lot on the road (usually under-my-breath) and nothing seems to change as a result.  The soundtracks on those close pass videos seem to suggest I'm not the only one.  Lots of swearing going on, and yet nothing changes.

HarrogateSpa | 5 years ago

The issue with acting like a div in a car is that you're in your box, and you can drive off and not face the consequences of your actions.

That's the reason why people are ever so polite in the supermarket, but not on the road. As Henning Wehn puts it, the British say 'sorry' all the time not because they are polite, but because they don't want to get beaten up.

alansmurphy | 5 years ago
1 like

Victoria Pendleton paid some money after the sales of bikes at Halfords didn't quite pay for the new extension....

burtthebike | 5 years ago

The first comment I found on Victoria's twitter feed demonstrates the problem perfectly:

"It’s simple everyone look out for everyone else! Cyclists and pedestrians are more vulnerable than car drivers so must protect themselves be visible! Car drivers give cyclists lots and pedestrians lots of room you don’t have a right to the roads"  From a driving instructor!

My response:

"Please tell me that your profile is a hoax and you aren't really a driving instructor.  If you really are, then stop doing it until you've learned to share the road without blaming your victims."

I'm too depressed to read the rest.

EDIT: actually, having read that, he could have meant that drivers don't have a right to the road.  I wonder.

giff77 | 5 years ago

Gutted that the Ras is not happening. It’s a great race over some challenging roads. Hopefully a sponsor can be found so it can resume in the near future. 

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