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Rush "hour" is triple that in parts of UK

Sat Nav manufacturer launches traffic "manifesto"...

The term “rush hour” is becoming increasingly inadequate to describe the twice daily congestion that afflicts many parts of Britain, at least based on the findings of sat nav maker Tom Tom. 

According to the company, the morning congestion alone can last from two and a half to three hours in the UK’s most congested cities. The findings offer further evidence, it seems, that the country’s road network has reached saturation point.

Tom Tom also claims to have found Britain’s most congested street and there will be no surprise to learn that it's in London. Bedford Road in Clapham, South London, is gridlocked for 92 hours a week, while further north, drivers on the approach to the Kingsway Tunnel on the Wirral can count on up to 90 hours of misery per week. Tom Tom has released its findings as it promotes its new HD Traffic Navigation system. The company says it is launching a “manifesto” to reduce traffic congestion, with suggestions including:

• Partnering with governments and advising on city and route planning, in order to help predict and reduce road congestion.
• Partnering with environmental and green organisations, to discover new ways in which traffic management could reduce CO2 emissions.
• Creating a public web space where people can contribute comments and ideas for tackling congestion. This public forum will become a place for constructive discussion and debate.
• Hosting regional 'traffic jams' aimed at bringing students together to learn, explore and share from traffic experts and each other.

Harold Goddijn, TomTom’s CEO said:. “We’re embarking on this mission because we love driving and hate traffic, and know that millions of drivers around the world feel this way too. We genuinely believe that TomTom has a role to play in helping to reduce traffic congestion in countries all over the world.”

A spokesperson for Tom Tom told it is possible that the company will in future be suggesting the use of alternative forms of transport to cars in order to reduce traffic congestion.

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