MyCyclingWeekend was hopping mad...

It was a chilly weekend for heading out on the bike, but it looks like you guys all headed out anyway!

After the rain fell for pretty much the whole of Saturday, we were itching to get out on Sunday, despite having to wear quite a few layers.

We've had another brilliant pile of entries so before we get to the winner of this week's schwag grab prize, let's take a look at some of the best pics!




Ben and Derek got the memo and sent us pictures of cake.



Simon found the sun was shining up on the highlands.



Mary loaded the bike up and headed off road.



Not content with shredding artwork, Banksy rode to the lighthouse at Fermentor.



The Peak District was looking splendid.



Sunday was the perfect day for an all-day ride.



Pat was wrapped up pretty well.



Well done to Lee who did his first CX race, navigating the barriers like a pro.



This week's winner is Dave who captured the feeling of Autumn perfectly with this shot of his CAAD12 looking rather lovely!

Remember, you can enter simply by uploading a photo to Twitter or Instagram using #MyCyclingWeekend

Son of a Marathon runner, Nephew of a National 24hr Champion, the racing genetics have completely passed him by. Liam spends his time plodding his way through cyclocross races, very busy not winning. As an advocate for perfectly clean chains, he can be found cleaning his bike instead of training. A shop mechanic, Liam has many helpful skills, such as being able to identify 'cross tubs by the tread pattern alone. If you bump into him, he'll probably be eating.