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Video: Jeremy Vine asks how to deal with bus overtake and pull-in

Says incident was a ‘classic’ example of a situation urban cyclists will often face

Radio 2 presenter Jeremy Vine has taken to Twitter to highlight a ‘classic’ instance of a bus driver overtaking him before squeezing him to the kerb when pulling in at a stop.

In weary tones, Vine narrates, “cycling along, doing my best,” before attempting to recreate the sense of fear, frustration and disbelief he felt as a bus started to overtake him but then indicated to pull over as it was alongside him.

The replies are a predictably mixed bag. We’ll not include any here, suffice to say that at least one of them encouraged Vine to retweet the following nugget of information from Surrey Police.

Vine also went on to post a link to a petition relating to bus drivers’ working conditions.

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