Most bikes are taken from homes finds survey

Half of those who report a bike theft to police feel that it is not investigated. The finding comes as part of the 2017 National Cycle Crime Survey, commissioned by Bike Register, the UK's national cycle database.

Half of the 1,386 respondents said they had suffered the theft of a bike with more than 43 per cent having had two or more bikes stolen.

While 87 per cent of victims reported their loss to the police, 50 per cent of those felt that no investigation was carried out.

The survey indicates that 10 per cent of theft victims had their bike recovered, with social media the most frequent tool used to attempt to locate and recover it (29 per cent).

Nick Roach, police liaison officer at BikeRegister, said: “I speak to police officers all over the UK who are frustrated that they can’t effectively investigate cycle theft as many victims are often unable to give them any information other than perhaps the make and colour.”

Bike theft is most commonly from the home (61 per cent), while 18 per cent of bikes are taken from outside shops and 11.5 per cent from outside work.

Most bike owners (92 per cent) report using bike locks to protect their bikes, with D-locks the most popular. 39 per cent of people use two locks and nearly 30 per cent spend over £50 on their main lock.

GPS trackers are used by just three per cent of bike owners, while 34 per cent security mark and register their bike on a property register.

Roach said: “BikeRegister acts as a massive deterrent to theft as thieves know a marked bike will prove ownership and be extremely difficult to sell on. In addition to acting as a deterrent, BikeRegister provides the police with a major investigation tool, and facility to get bikes back to their owners because the details are recorded on a secure database that is accessible to police 24/7.”

For more information about securing your bike, take a look at road.cc’s bike locking bible.

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