Lovely smooth tarmac, informative signage – all you could ever dream of

You might think that this cycle lane is barely long enough to park a bike, but that’s just the foreshortening effect of the camera. In reality it’s a full 4.2 metres long. Just think of the speeds you could hit. Just imagine.

Truly, it offers the freedom of the open road.

Tim Clayfield sent the photo to us, saying: “The finishing touches have just been put to this lane on a side road leading to the Abthorpe roundabout of the A43 in Northamptonshire near Towcester, including a "cyclists dismount" sign at the end... £7m spent on cars. How much on cycling?”

Confusion around Chesterfield junctions as to whether motorists or cyclists have priority

Probably a few grand.

This three metre cycle lane was installed in Brockenhurst, Hampshire last year at a cost of £6,253.


Brockenhurst bike lane.jpg

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