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Cycling video round-up: Heat stroke, crashes & cuteness overload

A heat stroke-induced crash, cyclocross nightmares & brake-less down hill MTBing, the video round-up's got plenty to spice up your day...

As winter approaches some of us might be so desperate for warmer climes so much that we could be considering heat stroke as a welcome side effect of not having to worry about frozen fingers.

Let the first video in today's round-up be a reminder to all of us that heat stroke is no joke; even though most of us won't have to worry about over exposure to the sun or dehydration for quite some time.

That heatstroke incident happened in Qatar at the World Team Time Trial Championships, and it's followed in today's video round-up by a couple of cyclocross crashes; we doubt they had anything to do with the heat.

After that we have some insane mountian bike action, some incredible cuteness, some beautiful artsy bike videos in the alps and Britain's three peak challenge, and we finish with some mad wheelie skills.


World TTT Championships heat stroke crash

Today's Team Time Trail World Championships ended in disaster for Rabo-Liv as one of their riders - Anouska Koster - suffered from heatstroke and crashed out. 

While it didn't seem like the Dutch cyclist was in any condition to carry on following the crash, which is made even more evident by her attempts to get back on the bike after the crash which you can see in the video below, she did apparently continue.

She crossed the finish line alone, stopping her team's clock 6 minutes behind eventual winners Boels-Dolmans.




Pro cyclocross crash at Gieten


Cyclo-cross action from Gieten today @mathieuvanderpoel #Gieten #superprestige #cyclocross #cx #cycling

A video posted by Jon Cannings (@jon_cannings) on

This crash is significantly less serious than Ms Koster's, it also makes it into the realms of funny.

Superprestige Gieten, the Dutch cyclocross race, is the location, and the rider - we think - is eventual winner Mathieu Van Der Poel from the Netherlands.


Amateur cyclocross crash

While we've just watched a pro get cyclocross barriers very very wrong, as you'd expect amateurs are just as likely to make a mess of them.

Here we're at the London cyclocross series the London X League. Looks like fun, right?


Brakeless downhill MTBing

Brainless? We're not sure.

Aaron Chase, expert in the world of downhill, is far from brainless. While his undertaking here may sound crazy, he talks about using the edges of his tyres to manage his speed.

As far as we're concerned, that's genius.


Road bike F1 child-aided wheel change

Now, we're past the high-octane stuff and on to the heartwarming section of today's video round-up.

Etixx Quick-Step rider Niki Terpstra demonstrates his Formula-One pit stop levels of choreography with - we're assuming - a child of his.

It's fast, it's cute, and it's impressive.


Cuteness overload: Little Trail Hunter

Specialized have hit the cuteness nail on the head here.

The Little Trail Hunter is a fantastic homage to beautiful bonding experience between a father and son out in the wilderness of British Colombia, USA.

The pair are Matt Hunter and his son Robbie.


Stunning Alpine bike jazz


Fixed gear obessesive Patrick Seabase's conceptual short in the Swiss Alps is here, and boy is it beautiful.


Three Peaks Challenge 2016

If you're looking for a serious challenge next year, have a think about the Three Peaks Challenge.

It's not for the feint hearted, but people come back year after year for the challenge that consists of 5,000ft and 66km of climbing - 33 of which are unsurfaced.

Listen to Paul Oldham talk about the race, what makes it difficult and unique, but also the secret to success - he won it twice.


Wheelies for days

Finally, a bit of fun.

We all love a wheely, but do any of you love wheelies as much as Niccolo Bonifazio and Leonardo Bonifazio?

Thought not.


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Leviathan | 7 years ago

Python, who is projecting now? Insults and weasel words won't make you right; I've heard accusations of religious belief in arguments before, mainly from those with a dogmatic opinion themselves; inversion is a very weak rhetoric technique. Stumps is a police officer, he might well know someone...  Tell me again just how your 'medical exemption' is going to stop you being pulled over?

Big boys can stay up as late as they want, putz.

Stumps | 7 years ago

Leviathan, i have some friends in NSW Police, i'll let them know he's heading over, they might do us all a favour......

pedalpowerDC | 7 years ago

To be fair, you should expect to get cross-eyed in a TT even in reasonable temperatures. Needless to say, that was a scarry crash, and an even scarrier attempted recovery. I don't doubt that the heat was a factor. I'm glad she wasn't badly injured.

Gus T | 7 years ago

Erm, I thought British Columbia is in Canada.

burtthebike | 7 years ago
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heat stroke:  Funny how it only affects the rider with the helmet, the two guys who come and help her, sans helmet, are fine.

jollygoodvelo replied to burtthebike | 7 years ago
burtthebike wrote:

heat stroke:  Funny how it only affects the rider with the helmet, the two guys who come and help her, sans helmet, are fine.

The rider who had been at full exertion for however many km...?

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