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Great cycling deals in the Cycle Store Takeover

Huge discounts on Specialized jerseys, saddles, and bottle cages alongside bargain Panaracer tyres in today's DealCatcher...

The DealCatcher has a special guest today. All the way from their Cheshire home, the folks at Cycle Store have brought a selection of spectacular savings to the door of towers, so we're sharing those savings with you.

Starting with the gang's selection of Specialized products - which have seen discounts as high as 67% off - today's DealCatcher's got Rbx Sport jerseys, Rib bottle cages, and Romin Expert Gel Saddles.

To round up the day's deals the discounteers at Cycle Store are offering 40% off their selection of Panaracer tyres.

What are you waiting for?


50% off Specialized's Rbx Sport Ss Jersey
WAS £49.99 | NOW £24.99

Specialized RBX Sport SS Jersey.jpg

If you're after a great jersey option for easy Sunday rides, Specialized's short sleeve comfortable fit, elasticated RBX Sport is a perfect option.

The comfortable SL 130 fabric has integrated UV protection and a hydrofit finish to aid in water evaporation.

At under £25 too, you'll struggle to find a better deal on a jersey of this quality.


67% off Specialized's Rib Bottle Cage
WAS £14.99 | NOW £4.99

Specialized Rib Bottle Cage.jpg

We're all about big discounts here at the DealCatcher, so when a deal rolls past the deal desk that's well over the 60% mark lights and sirens start going off in the office.

Here's today's discount alarm culprit - Specialized's minimalistically designed Rib cage is all about weight saving and sleek looks.

If you're after a bit of an education in what bottle cage to choose for your bike, check out our selection of reviews below.

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30% off Specialized's Romin Expert Gel Saddle
WAS £84.99 | NOW £59.49

Specialized Romin Expert Saddle.jpg

Our final Specialized product from today's DealCatcher is the Romin Expert Gel Saddle.

This year's model, the Romin Expert saddle offers excellent comfort without letting any of the gains you'd expect from a performance saddle fall by the wayside. 

The bodygeometry channel you can see in the middle of the saddle helps maximise blood flow to your legs, while the saddle's shape and gel insert helps optimise power transfer and keep you comfortable.

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40% off Panaracer's Race Duro Evo 2 Road Tyre
WAS £39.99 | NOW £23.99

Panaracer Race Duro Evo 2.jpg

On to the Panaracer tyres.

The Panaracer Duro tyres are designed for all-season training and sportive riding. Somewhat unsurprisingly, the 'Duro' in the tyre's name comes from the word  durable, and that's exactly what these tyres are.

When we reviewed a pair of the Panaracer Duro tyres our man David Else called them "Good quality tyres, nicely striking the balance between light and tough; ideal for winter training."

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40% off Panaracer's Race Light Evo 2 Road Tyre
WAS £39.99 | NOW £23.99

Panaracer Race Light Evo 2.jpg

While the Duro tyres were durable, we'll let you guess what the Race Light Panaracer tyres are.

You got it, they're light and race-ready.

Back in 2013, we reviewed Panaracer's Race A Evo 2 tyre, which was given a similar pegging to the Race Light Evos on offer here.

Panaracer say that their Race Light Evo's "improved casing and EVO2 compound improve this light weight high performance tire made for hill climbing and TT. Outstanding light race day tire also."

Our esteemed tech editor said that the Race A Evos were a "durable, quick tyre with good grip."

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