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The Dunwich Dynamo - how was it for you?

Beautiful, strange, hard - and full of unusual bikes and cameraderie. The annual Dun Run delivered again this year.

This year’s Dun Run looked to be a corker. We at weren’t there in person this year, but it looks like the weather was good, the swim in the sea satisfying, and everything in between the usual bewildering mix of beautiful, hard, improbable, mind-boggling, tough and, ultimately, satisfying.

There were the usual well-illuminated bikes on the annual overnight 120 mile ride from Hackney to Dunwich.

Some bonkers bikes – one of which, a home-made four man Chopper, helped its builders raised £785 to send bikes to Africa via charity re~cycle

One of its riders, Matt Peck, said: “We made it!!!! Team shed arrived after 10 hrs 44 mins ride time wow that was tough !!!! Thank you so much fellow Dynamo ers for all your support and encouragement on route!!! You were awesome. So far we have raised enough money to get over 50 bikes to Africa!!! Love to get more there £15 will get a bike sent.”

Some young riders took on the challenge

Author – and adventurer – Emily Chappell was there.

The Dun Run brings out the poet in many of us - a mix of unusual sights and a lack of sleep.  This from Jet McDonald, who is currently crowdfunding for a book about cycling and philosophy, called This Mind I Ride.

It is certainly a thing of beauty, represented in unusual form here in this Strava heat map - you can see the Dun Run is pretty much the only activity the night the data was released, 20 July 2013.

There were also some amazing stories. Carol Smith had extensive knee surgery in June 2014, and was told she was unlikely to ride again. After buying her first road bike, she started training, and successfully completed the Dun Run last night.

In Carol’s words: "DD I thank you for helping out if my dark place and giving me a goal! I will most definitely be back!" 

Chapeau, Carol!

The moment you arrive on the beach is a special one - the relief, mainly, and the prospect of a refreshing swim in the sea

There's the bus back

And the post-ride reflections.

Paul Taylor put the unique experience of a Dun Run concisely:

Memorable dynamo 2016 moments;
People falling off for no reason after 1km.
500 people getting punctures in first 15km.
Drum n bass.
Tron lights 
Getting mooned by a drunk woman in the pitch black in the middle of nowhere.
Almost taking a bat to the face.
4 man chopper racing.
Bacon sandwich queuing skills.
Spending 3 hours stationary.
Awesome dip in the see soothed the aches.
Powering the first half.
Struggling the second half.
Sand fucking flies.
Perfect conditions and sunny end!

The event is characterised by a sense of community - some lost property was found, and returned to its owner, by the sounds of it.

Plans are already afoot for next year, including from cycle style blogger, Velo City Girl, aka Jools Walker. Jools, it's out there now…


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