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Great cycling deals in the Decathlon Takeover

Unbelievable bargains from the sporting goods giant - BTwin Triban bikes, summer mesh jerseys, Selle Italia saddles, Shimano & more!

Giant sport store Dacathlon has rolled up to towers with a giant haul of cycling goodies today. Discounts have been made especially for readers on bikes, jerseys, tyres, saddles, multitools, and more, so tuck in while they're still hot!

We start things off with BTwin's fantastically priced Triban 540, which has seen an extra 17% of its asking price swiped away.

We then move on to a superbly summer mesh jersey, also from BTwin, a gel saddle from Selle Italia, a pair of road cycling shoes from Shimano, a rated 8/10 multitool from SKS, tyres from BTwin and Hutchinson, a bike pump from Zefal, and a bottle and cage combo from Elite.

So, what are you waiting for?


17% off BTwin's Triban 540 Road Bike
WAS £600.00 | NOW £499.00

BTwin Triban 540.jpg

Every time a BTwin bike rolls through our offices here at we're astounded by its quality and price tag. 

The Triban 540, which you can see above, was no different. When it came our way, though, it was in its flat bar form. We really liked what we saw then, and can confidently recommend it to you, especially if you're looking to upgrade out in the world of road cycling.

The bike itself isn't dissimilar to the slightly more entry-level Triban 520 which we reviewed and praised to the high heavens last year.

They share a frame, but the 540 comes equipped with Shimano's improved 105 drivetrain, and Tiagra 10-speed cassette. It's a fantastically nippy bike, and you really can't beat it for value.

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40% off BTwin's Aerofit Mesh Cycling Jersey
WAS £49.99 | NOW £29.99

BTwin Aerofit Mesh Cycling Jersey.jpg

It's supposed to be warming up, you know. It is officially summer.

Sure, right now we've got our usual Glastonbury-timed washout, but the weather'll pick up again, and when it does you'll need to be prepared to ride in the heat.

A normal jersey might not cut it if we experience some more record breaking high temperatures this year, so looking for something a little more meshy might serve you well.

This jersey features the same lightweight, incredibly breathable mesh fabric that's featured in parts of BTwin's Aerofit 900 jersey which we reviewed below.

It'll do a fantastic job of keeping you cool, and aerodynamically sound, alongside being unbeatable value.

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25% off Selle Italia's Max Flite Gel Flow Saddle
WAS £59.99 | NOW £44.99

Selle Italia Max Flite.jpg

If you're planning some long stints in the saddle this summer you'll need a perch that keeps your posterior nice and comfortable.

Selle Italia are your guys if you're after comfortable performance, especially their Flite Gel Flow range.

We reviewed this saddle back in 2009, and our man Dave Atkinson really rated it.

The saddle rolled away with an 8/10 rating.

Talking about buying the saddle at full price, Dave said he was really pleased with Selle Italia's focus on comfort rather than saving on weight.

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25% off Shimano's RP3 Road Cycling Shoes
WAS £59.99 | NOW £44.99

Shimano RP3 Cycling Shoes.jpg

Shimano's current range of Road Performance footwear features a bunch of shoes that are both comfortable and offer high performance.

The RP3s sit in the middle of that range, and feature a Dynalast sole and toe spring technology to help ensure that the fit of the shoe is absolutely perfect.

Of course, when it comes to shoes, you're not only looking at comfort, you also want to know that the effort your putting in to keep your wheels spinning is being transferred as efficiently as possible. You won't have any problems in that department, and at this price you'll struggle to find a pair of shoes that does as good of a job as these for any less money.

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41% off SKS's Tom 18 Multitool
WAS £16.99 | NOW £9.99

Tom 18 Multitool.jpg

Shaun Audane was our reviewer tasked with putting the SKS Tom 18 Multitool through its paces a while back, and he liked what he saw.

He called the Tom 18 an "innovative and refined pocket tool better suited to contemporary road, mountain and touring bikes."

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25% off BTwin's Resist 5 Road Bike Tyres
WAS £19.99 | NOW £14.99

BTwin Resist 5 Tyres.jpg

Keeping your wheels spinning is the aim of the game this summer, and if things keep going the way the currently are weather-wise, you're going to have a limited amount of time to enjoy riding your bike in summery conditions.

So, spend as little time as you can stood by the side of the road changing your tyres this summer by investing in a pair of puncture resistant tyres, like these BTwin Resist 5s.

We reviewed the 9's in February. These are their slightly heavier - and therefore arguably more resilient - brothers.

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17% off Hutchinson's Fusion All Season Tyres
WAS £59.98 | NOW £50.00

Hutchinson Fusion 5 Kevlar tyres.jpg

If you're less worried about punctures and more concerned with roll quality and usability all year round, the Hutchinson Fusion All Season Tyres might be the better option for you.

We reviewed the tubeless versions of these back in 2009, and our man Dave Atkinson really liked them - although he didn't like fitting them.

In which case, he'd much prefer these.

You'll have to buy a pair of these tyres in order to take advantage of the discount - just scroll a little way down the landing page and you'll find the details of how to claim the deal.

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35% off Zefal's Profil Max FP 30 Floor Pump
WAS £19.99 | NOW £12.99

Zefal Profil Max.jpg

Zefal make great pumps. We've reviewed plenty of them and the consensus is in, they're bloody good across the board.

Take the Profil Max FP 30 will be no different, especially if its anything like it's slightly bigger brother the FP 50 which we reviewed pretty favourably.

That pump got a 8/10 and you can read all about it below:

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30% off Elite's Team BMC Cycling Bottle & Cage Kit
WAS £9.99 | NOW £6.99

BMC bottle.jpg

Finally, if you're into team colours and would like a BMC bottle to match your BMC kit, or you like to take advantage of fantastic deals when dealers have a few team-specific items they're trying to flog on the cheap, you're in luck.

Even if you're not a fan of the bottle, the Elite cage is lightweight, easy to use, and fits all regular sized drinking bottles.

At £6.99 you can't really go wrong.

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