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Buhring out of RAAM after suspected pulmonary oedema

World Record Holder Juliana Buhring was advised to pull out of the gruelling 3000 mile single stage race after coughing up blood at 887 miles

Ultra-endurance cyclist and Guinness World Record holder, Juliana Buhring, is out of the Race Across America (RAAM) at mile 887, after showing symptoms of pulmonary oedema.

Buhring had experienced breathing difficulties early in the race, but it wasn’t until she began coughing up blood her support team, Team Juju, were alerted. It is thought she was suffering pulmonary oedema, a condition in which fluid accumulates in the lungs.

The Fastest Woman Around the World, and author of two books, finally pulled out of the 3000 mile race yesterday on medical advice, but is said to be recovering well. Fans rushed to wish Buhring well in her recovery.

RAAM, the epic 3000 mile single stage race, begins today

In an update her team said: “She experienced breathing difficulties early on in the race and, being Juju, she didn't let us know about it until she started coughing up blood.

“She was also showing early symptoms of the dreaded Shermer's Neck - having trouble holding her head up. Coach and paramedic Billy Rice took the decision to pull her from the race at Cortez, when it appeared she was suffering pulmonary edema and carrying on could have been detrimental to her long-term health, and even caused permanent damage.

“She's now recovering under the watchful eye of the team, and enjoying the fact that her stomach will now accept food again. We'll send out some more updates over the next few days, along with some of our happy (and unhappy) memories from the road.

The team thanked Buhring’s supporters and wished those still racing luck with the single stage race, which is longer than the Tour de France.


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