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Cycle 7.5 miles across central London in this video fly-through

Video cam cyclist hails 'paradigm shift' on London's Cycle Superhighways...

Ever wondered what the whole of the CS2 and CS3 Cycle Superhighways are like to ride? Have a fly-through from the comfort of your armchair thanks to this video showing one rider’s vier of the route.

The user, sw19cam, wrote: “Enjoy this full Parliament to Stratford cycling video (c. 7.5miles)!

It shows many of the excellent sections of the new Cycle Superhighway (and also some of the not so excellent sections).

“For the most part I use the infrastructure on offer, but occasionally use the road where it's safe and empty.”

The user points out that there are “plenty of things to watch out for during the ride”, and invites other viewers to add their own observations.

Having said that, the user notes: “I've almost forgotten the old days of not having this amazing facility - to the point that I've already starting complaining about things like light sequences.  Sure, they are annoying - but the paradigm shift is AMAZING!”

  • 1:25 Cyclist collision with pedestrian at those lights ahead of me
  • 8:03 - van driver quite rightly holding back before proceeding (and on the red light, getting something from the back of his van
  • 8:57 - really poor road surface as you turn right in to the tunnel
  • 10:15 - BMW almost missing the road and almost cycling up the superhighway
  • 12:55 the shocking bad section of CS2 that has no protection (Whitechapel Market)
  • 14:50 - Big Bus London amber gambler, followed by mounting kerb!
  • 20:57 - 'dropped off' at Whitechapel market with no separation.
  • 21:45 - I'm already in the middle of the lane, so choose to take the road rather than the cycle track to cross this junction. This also avoids me being stopped there for a couple of minutes.
  • 23:30 - slower cyclists up ahead, so I check behind and take the road. Within a hundred metres we're all directed on to the road anyway.
  • 27:46 left turning vehicle, sketchily close by cyclist. This is an interesting situation for me, because the priority is slightly unclear.
  • 29:25 - this light always feels an awful long time, with very little left turning traffic.
  • 30:29 - we let a pedestrian go first
  • 30:32 - cyclist who pulled alongside me goes MUCH slower than I expected.
  • 31:35 - Bow Roundabout disappointing, as it regularly does (Where are the temporary cycling provisions?!)
  • 33:28 the infamous Warton Road junction.

Can you spot any more areas for improvement, or do you ride the route yourself? Let us know in the comments below.

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