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Video: Taxi driver chases and stops hit and run driver (contains strong language)

“I did a Sweeney on him”

A London taxi driver reportedly chased and apprehended a motorist who had hit a cyclist before driving off. A video of the pursuit, uploaded to YouTube, shows Birol Koca blocking the driver responsible before asking him to get out of his car.

Underneath the video, which was uploaded on June 13, Koca wrote that the cyclist was hit at the junction of Fentiman Road and Meadow Road. “I came out of Rita Road and done a left into Meadow Road after dropping off and see the little s**** slammed into the cyclist then shot off down fentiman road towards Clapham Road.”

Police confirmed to that they were called by London Ambulance Service to the Meadow Road junction with Fentiman Road, SW8 at 6.57pm on Tuesday, June 13 where it was reported that a car had been in collision with a cyclist.

Explaining the video, Koca said: “This Hit and Run motorist thought that he could get away after smashing into female cyclist and seriously injuring her I did a Sweeney on him & wedge him against a keep left island on a crossing and apprehend him until the police arrived and arrested him, Warning! Bad language you might need ear plugs.”

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