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Great cycling deals in the Chain Reaction Cycles Takeover

The world's biggest online bike have hijacked today's DealCatcher and have a selection of their best deals on offer!...

The DealCatcher's disappeared again, and in his place Chain Reaction Cycles have taken charge of the good ship DealCatcher and are steering it towards treasures untold.

They won't be untold for long though, because we're about to tell you everything we know about these fantastic Chain Reaction cycling treasures. Treasures you won't have to look far for, because they're all right here.

Today we're giving you the chance to get your greedy hands on a huge range of cycling goodies from helmets, to tools, seat posts to bibshorts, and carbon race bikes to carbon race shoes!

We'll get things underway with a humongous discount on a Mavic helmet, and see where the treasure hunt takes us.

Good luck, and happy deal hunting!


58% off Mavic's Cosmic Ultimate Helmet 2015
WAS £165.00 | NOW £69.99

Mavic Cosmic Ultimate Helmet.png

If you're in the market for a top-of-the-range helmet, but are a little deterred by the price tags on some of them, Chain Reaction might have just the bargain for you.

The combination of Mavic's perfect holding mechanism - the Ergo Hold Retention System - and an incredibly low weight (210g) the Mavic Cosmic Ultimate helmet should tick all of the boxes on your performance helmet checklist.

It'll probably overtick the price box though. It's not often you find a top drawer performance helmet for under £70.

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56% off Continental Grand Prix Road Bike Tyres
WAS £33.95 | NOW £14.99

Continental Grand Prix Road Tyres.png

Are you a Continental guy or gal? Are they your go-to tyre?

If they are, great, here's a fantastic deal on an extra pair of fantastic performance tyres for a jaw dropping price.

If you're not sold on Continental tyres, let us point you in the direction of our man Jo Burt's review (you can find it just below this bit of waffle.)

Jo wasn't a Continental guy. He was a Michelin man...

Anyway, we sent him away to test these, and he returned converted. He says he was "impressed from the very first corner."

In the review below, Jo says that they're a "sticky yet resilient training and racing clincher," and that you should just "ignore the marketing spiel and just enjoy the ride."

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50% off Bergamont Dolce 10.3 Road Bike
WAS £24499.99 | NOW £1249.99

Bergamont Dulce 10.3 Road Bike.png

If you're not a regular rider on the continent, you might not have had much exposure to this German brand, but they love them in Europe.

We've only ever had one Bergamont in for review, which came in the shape of their E-line Sweep e-bike.

If it means anything, it performed fantastically, and walked away with an 8/10.

This Dolce 10.3 is no e-bike, though. It's a smooth riding carbon racer carrying Shimano's electronic Ultegra Di2 groupset, Citec Accelerator wheels, and weighs in at a paltry 7.2kg.

Sure, it's a 2013 model, but it's an absolute steal at £12.49.99.

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49% off POC Women's Essential Bib Shorts
WAS £175.00 | NOW £89.99

POC Womens Essentials Bib Shorts.png

POC's women's compression bib shorts are not only exceedingly comfortable, they'll give your legs an extra level of support when the going gets tough.

The warp knitted stretch fabric is breathable, and is completely seamless for added comfort. The mesh bib straps are breathable, which will be very important over the coming months, and the coolmax open cell foam chamois pad offers perennial pressure relief, while keeping you nice and ventilated.

At almost 50% off, they're a no brainer.

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45% off Skins Cycle Gottardo Short Sleeve Jersey
WAS £60.00 | NOW £32.99

Skins Cycle Gottardo Jersey.png

As the days start warming up, but the mornings remain bitterly cold, you're going to need a jersey that can adapt to keep you as comfortable as possible while you're on the bike.

Fortunately, that adaptability is exactly where Skins' cycle Gorttardo Short Sleeve Jersey excels, but not where its benefits end. The Skins Gottardo jersey also features partial compression support in the arms to help you keep complete control no matter how long you're sat in the drops. 

The jersey's moisture management wicking technology will keep you cool when the sun's beating down on your back and you're beginning to work up a sweat, but will also keep you warm with its stand-up collar and comfortable loose fit.


44% off Diadora Speed Vortex Road Shoes
WAS £179.99 | NOW £99.99

Diadora Speed Vortex Cycle Shoes.png

If you're after a pair of performance shoes, weight, power transfer, and customisable fit should be top of your wish list.

The Diadora Spped Vortex shoe ticks all of those boxes, and then some.

Not only does the Vortex's stiff carbon reinforced sole allows for ultimate efficiency in power transfer and the Morpho AM Cage upper will keep your feet firmly in place with a comfortable anti stretch, highly breathable microfibre air mesh.

Plus, the Boa closure system will allow you to tweak the shoes fit until you're totally satisfied.


37% off 3t's Stylus 25 Team Setback Carbon Seatpost
WAS £94.99 | NOW £59.99

3T Sylus 25 Team Setback Carbon Seatpost.png

Here, 3T have taken a new look at the 2-bolt seatpost.

The carbon Stylus sees 3T bring greater stability and easier adjustment to the saddle support cradle, as well as a classy and aerodynamic transition from pillar to saddle clamp.

The Stylus–25 model's clamp center sits 25mm behind the centerline of the seatpost, which offers a more comfortable riding position for riders who like to sit a little further back on the bike.


33% off X-Tools Bike Tool Kit - 27 piece
WAS £59.99 | NOW £39.99

X-Tools Bike Tool Kit - 27 piece.png

Tools, glorious tools. If you're running low on allen keys, spanners or torqu wrenches, or maybe you're looking to start out on your own fettling journey, look no further than X-Tools' 27 piece bike tool kit.

We already know you're going to get quality here, we've had a very similar set grace the fettling area on a review stay.

Our man Stu Kerton said the set he got to play with provided "solid and easy maintenance for the home mechanic."

If you're one of those, these are the tools for you! 

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CygnusX1 | 8 years ago


50% off Bergamont Dolce 10.3 Road Bike
WAS £24499.99 | NOW £1249.99

Either that's a whopping 95% discount off a 25 grand bike, or the original price should read £2,499.99  

Tjuice | 8 years ago

I hired a high-end-ish Bergamont Team road bike in 2013 while I was on holiday for a couple of weeks in Spain (near Alicante).  Went for a good ride through the mountains every other day.

The bike was great - so much better than I was expecting and extraordinarily light.  Way lighter than my own race bike. 

So the Dolce 10.3 above sounds really good for the money


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