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Video: Cyclists free cow stuck in tree

A valuable ‘how to’ video for when you next find yourself in such a situation

We don’t know if you’ve ever had to free a cow’s head from a tree fork, but the key to success is to first correctly align the cow. Apparently.

The two cyclists seen in the video below achieve the correct angle by dragging the cow around by its tail. That sounds a bit cruel, but they were only helping and had clearly concluded that the animal’s thrashing legs could do a bit of damage if they got any closer.

Having slid their patient into the correct alignment (after a bit of fine-tuning) they then successfully release the beast from its arboreal snare by lifting its head from between the trunk and branch. Chapeau!

Ciclista sendo Ciclista...Fazer o bem sem olhar a quem

Ciclista sendo Ciclista...Fazer o bem sem olhar a quem

Posted by Bikers MS on Thursday, 31 March 2016

The video was published on Brazilian cycling page, Bikers MS.

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